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Thread: Socilism gone bad.

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    Socilism gone bad.

    WARNING THIS IS BAD. REALLY BAD ! Guy being eaten. Venezuela did great at first but like every socialist nation. They collapse. All your Bernie boys. This was his land of example. You get a 20-30 year run then it gets bad. America is broke defending socialist nations that have not paid us what is due. Exporting our jobs. For taking in way to many illegals. 113 billion a year. For having an over inflated Government. For funding stupid policies/ agencys that are generally impotent . Like the war on drugs. Yes they scored loads of drugs. It made no real difference. And we lined our cells with drug users who's crime was using or small time dealing. It is a massive industry and requires tons of dollars. But if we don't provide this dollars things like this are inevitable. Continuing to hire idiots over and over because people hope this time he will get it right. Or she. Maybe we should have term limits on other posts too ? There is just so much crap and it all leads to ruin. I have big hopes Trump can kill stuff dead and ideally forever. Or at least my lifetime. He is up against a well established society of PRIVELEGED. It takes someone with lots of money with others with lots of money to take this on. You cant expect little Bernie to change anything and he is simply wrong on so much.
    Trump will make mistakes. Hopefully he cuts his loses once he see's bad move. He needs to fire some more people. Anyway. Please consider not watching this.

    Also, I would have no issues walking in with a crew and popping this guys in the head. Everyone in the cell. No need for court. Its cheap. And effective. And they do not deserve to have any further existence. If this is a gang deal. Kill every single member. Every one. Just sign the order sir.

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    I wonder is Bernie was going to bail them out and open our doors to them being he was such a fan and they wanted Bernie. I cant wait unti they come back with the actual numbers of illegal voters and it is in the millions. Maybe half will be caught and found to be illegals. They are attempting to over throw our government. I have no issues hanging them. That is war and acts of sabotage. We call that terrorism today.

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    You guys learned about the Jewish cemetery destruction and then the phone calls right ? Happened in NAZI WHITE BOY COUNTRY. Oh the hate. White people are pure evil. I posted elsewhere that this was not white boys. I predicited Radical Islamist. Now we don't know for certain about he grave yet. But I know of 7 nations that really dislike Jews far more than radical white dudes likely ever have. Most being Judeo-Christian after all. Jesus was our Jewish Rabbi.

    Juan Thompson, 31, was arrested in St. Louis by the FBI for making at least eight bomb threats and the cyberstalking of an ex-girlfriend, Black guy and believed to have been a convert to Islam. I believe now it was the Leftists that painted that rash of Swastikas all over upstate NY and elsewhere at around the time of the win. I believe. Name:  ff13698f6e2ee5ed8db517c6efd4d392876c71dc_r.jpg
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    Now don't forget we have racist Jews too that are not above Reichstag Fire tactics and blaming it on another group. It is so easy to do after 8 years of blaming the white man for everyone' s suffering. Yes, Mexico is so good to its people. Just as some middle east nations allow most of there people to live in staller conditions. Its our fault for buying their petrol. I say screw them. Lets buy from RUSSIA ! Its closer and we can get it cheaper and Saudi can find another buyer with as many cars. Later dudes. Here's your people back. Most did not want to become American. Those that did are staying here with US .

    Russia loves are goods. Lets open the market to them and trade with them. Their values parallel our own. IVAN is welcome as far as I am concerned.

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    Also, I believe about 2-3 weeks earlier a Christian cemetery was also vandalized in the same area. I could be wrong but pretty sure I saw that on the news in a later clip about the Jewish cemetery . How come that did not make national and world news ? How come that was not hate crime ?

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    White and Black and Japanese and you name it Americans fought this !

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    So did RUSSIA.

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    Learn your real history boys ! My Scottish people were slaves along side blacks. So were the Irish. Want to know who started it ? Take a guess. Then look it up.

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    Guys where was the first legal American slave owner from and he was a black guy who owned white and black slaves. ???? Where and from who was he purchased ?
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    I recall when Canada did not have its head up its ass.

    But no different that what Americans and the rest of the western nations have been experiencing. Just smaller scale.

    White people can be dumb mother--kers. So can the rest of you be that too.

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    I love smart hot chicks.

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