Redding (California) Tai Chi is working on a plan to build a Tai Chi park. It is based on the design of the David Chen Memorial Tai Chi Court in Rockville, MD. The WeWei Tai Chi Club in Rockville has been helping us with advice and sharing of plans. The Tai Chi Court we plan to build will be approximately 55 feet in diameter and the design is that of the Tai Chi Tu (Yin Yang Symbol). We have everything in place to make this park a reality. We have partnered with the Shasta County Arts Council for non-profit status so that donations to the project are tax deductible. We have also partnered with Turtle Bay Exploration Park who has donated a site location next to the Sundial Bridge which crosses the Sacramento River. We also have approval from our City Council. The only thing we are lacking is funding and we have a plan for that. The USA Today Network is offering grants to community wellness projects and the grants are given based on a video describing the project. We plan to enter this contest. The voting starts in April 12, 2017. This is a nationwide contest. The top 20 videos with the highest number of votes will be considered by judges for the grants. If we win a grant we can build our project. I will post the link at the time of voting and hope that the Tai chi community will support us by voting for this project. You can find us on Facebook. Search for "Redding Tai Chi Meditation Garden Project". Or go to our webpage for a full project description. If anyone has questions or comments I will be glad to answer them. We appreciate any support you may offer.