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Thread: Xu Xiaodong Challenges to Kung Fu

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    There is a whole lot of fantasy going on in the Chinese martial art world. first off any kung fu guy willing to fight a match[not friendly training] against a young MMA competitor should obviously be a young competitor himself. for example a Sanda fighter. That and in this day and age still to be completely unaware of a ground game it's unbelievable. If you still have no clue that these guys train hard and are very skilled fighters, specially in a competitive environment, than that right there proves your "cluelessness".

    This cluelessness goes above and beyond simple fighting in the Chinese arts. there are still people out there that believe you have to be of Asian decent to be a kung fu teacher/expert..... kung fu has been around what since the 70s in the states. it is ten times easier to find a good kung fu instructor in new York city than it is in most Chinese big cities. then there are those that think only Asians know the true secrets. I bet this tai chi guy thought he knew a bunch of secrets and played master on his students demoing little simple applications, like they are the end all be all of fighting. in my experience many of the Chinese teacher's have strong foundations and basics are very good, also are good at applying power, but usually lack real life fighting experience. where the western kung fu instructors grow up in a more hostile environment and have more fighting knowledge and experience.

    One more point on this cluelessness in fighting and reality topic. I believe this stems back to Chinese politics and social order. the communist government personally keeps people stupid. for example blocking social media, regulating tv programs and religion, strictly controlling what students learn in school. You can see this tai chi MASTER,is still pre ufc 1993 state of mind. the MMA guys on the other hand have outside influence, and are free thinkers because they train in a system that learned form systems with roots outside of china.
    I've long felt that having a solid background in non-CMA prior to taking up kung fu is a big advantage. The vast majority of kung fu people I've personally known who really excelled at actually fighting with kung fu against all types of opponents already had extensive experience in other arts/methods: judo, various styles of karate; boxing, kickboxing/MT, etc. There was already an extensive foundation of sparring or fighting in place.

    The article in the link below is long, but I thought it might be relevant to this thread. I WILL point out that, although some things are very true and/or quite plausible, a lot of it is presumptuous nonsense. In fact, I have never read an article with such a bizarre combination of truths, half-truths and utter BS.

    First off, I'll mention some of what the article says that I know are BS:

    1. Mas Oyama beat every karate master in Japan. FALSE. His own top student, John Bluming, even stated that Mas Oyama himself probably never had a fight in his life. And as for his fighting bulls, I'd have liked to have seen him fight a real fighting bull, like the Matadors face. Of course, he would have been gored to death in seconds.

    2. Of all the CMA, only Wing Chun was effective against other styles. Total bull****. The author is obviously a Bruce Lee/Ip Man worshipper. He either ignores or is unaware of the fact that CLF has stepped up and been proven effective in various formats, including against Muay Thai. Maybe not in MMA yet, but CLF fighters have put themselves out there for decades. But obviously, those who did trained to fight competitively with it.

    Related to No. 2: Wing Chun can be used to easily beat up karate or TKD guys. Depends on the individuals. I've seen many examples to the contrary.

    3. Chinese parents are proud and happy for their kids to learn traditional kung fu (Wing Chun, etc.) but equate fighting sports like MMA with gangsterism. When I lived in Taiwan, many kids' parents equated traditional kung fu with gangsterism, and preferred them to study Taekwondo, kendo, etc., considering the latter to be cleaner, more professional, and more wholesome.

    4. "We need yellow pride, holmes". Where does this guy come off saying 'we'? The author's name is Kenneth Ketchum, and from the photo he's a black guy. It's not his or anyone else's place to tell members of another racial group how they feel (or should act or feel). Plus, he continually says "Asians" when he's referring specifically to Chinese.

    5. All Chinese, all Koreans, and all Japanese are the same as each other within their own nationalities. What a crock of sh!t. That's like saying all Italians are shorter and have better muscle definition than all Germans, and that all English are prissy and sit around drinking tea with their pinky finger sticking up. But for some reason people allow for the fact that Europeans are distinct individuals, not walking stereotypes off an assembly line.

    Like I said, some things in the article are pretty much spot on, but there's a load of BS to sift through as well. Many people who don't know the difference will probably take it all as gospel.
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