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Thread: Xu Xiaodong Challenges to Kung Fu

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    Verifiable, meaning historically verifiable (and when I say that, I mean by rigorous Western standards). If you think folk history is devoid of political agenda then we live on completely different planets.

    I think you may be reading me wrong - there definitely were organized systems prior to Qing. E.g. the Ming was the greatest period of proliferation. Also, of course I agree that the skills of sanda are rooted in TCMA. Its the methodology of sanda that produces superior fighters.

    I won't go on about it as your mind seems firmly made up, but if XXD is an unskilled, impatient and unintelligent fighter, relying entirely on brute force etc, then his victories should be even more embarrassing for 'TCMA' - though it should be said that he hasn't actually set out to discredit all TCMA. In fact has previously indicated respect for a number of styles. If you can take the time to listen to his many long rants you may get a better picture of where he's coming from.

    I'll cheer too when and if he gets beaten fair and square (though I wont hold my breath waiting). In the meantime, I have to respect what he's doing - particularly as he's placed his own security in jeopardy and permanently sabotaged his future in China.


    As for XXD being an unskilled, unintelligent (some may say brutish) fighter, I agree that the “TCMA masters” who have been humiliated by him should feel even more embarrassed about it. It’s also easy for people to underestimate “brutish” fighters. Chris Leben wasn’t exactly the most stylish fighter in MMA, but he was effective and won a lot of fights. There is a saying I’ve heard often used by Taiji practitioners: 4 ounces to deflect 1,000 pounds. Well, things are much different when an experienced fighter who knows how to fight is coming at you with real intent, and then it might not be so easy to use that 4 ounces to deflect his “1,000 pounds” of force and aggression. Fighting isn’t necessarily about intelligence, either, at least intellectually. And unskilled or not can be deceptive. IMO, if someone is effective consistently enough, then there is skill there, even if his methods aren’t ‘stylish’ or ‘pretty’ to watch.

    Like him or not, what XXD is doing takes guts. Whether it’s smart for him and his life or not is beside the point, and whether he’s likable or unlikable as a human being or not is also beside the point. But any TCMA “expert” or “master” who challenges him had better do the real work. Anybody who thinks they can just step into the ring against a professional fighter, even one who isn’t top-tier, and stand much of a chance, is seriously deluded. Then there’s no difference between them and the armchair MAists who watch boxing or MMA fights on TV and say, “That guy sucks. I can kick his @ss!” Then if they get the chance to spar that fighter or someone similar to him, they find out the hard way.

    I’ll also be cheering if XXD gets legitimately beaten in a fair fight. You never know; it could happen at any time, but TBH, I don’t see it happening anytime soon, considering the types of opponents he’s taking.
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