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Thread: Traditional Wing Chun- getting the blindside

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    I will say that the TWC approach is very... different than what we do. But if they make that work for them, then more power to them.

    Yes, the TWC method is very different than what Yip Man taught (every lineage is different in some way). There are reasons for this, depending who you ask. If you ask William Cheung, he'll tell you that it's because Yip Man wanted him to be his successor and only taught him the complete authentic "traditional" Wing Chun, and taught everyone else the watered down commercial version. If you ask any of Yip Man's other students, they'll tell you that he was just a kid and only trained with Yip Man for a few years before he left Hong Kong, then kinda made it up as he went along, and filled in the gaps with bits and pieces of Wing Chun from other non-Yip Man branches before coming out and claiming to be the "best in the world" with the "only real Wing Chun".

    All lineage politics and mudslinging aside (because they all have something bad to say about everyone else lol), the fact remains that his system is very different for whatever reason.

    I personally do not subscribe to the way they do things, but a lot of people swear by it. Just another path up the same mountain, I suppose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sihing73 View Post
    Curious, could you guys post something showing you engaging with a Boxer so we can see how it should be done.
    Funny how you always put down TWC but they have people who have actually fought both on the street and in the ring.
    Who have you fought again??

    Also funny how you seem to imply that TWC is "loosely" based on VT yet William Cheung studied under Yip Man.
    TWC also has the centerline and motherline theories as well as the forms and core techniques like Taun, Fook and Bong. While you may not agree with the approach, your lack of agreement with how TWC, or any other lineage, does something does not make it wrong or in any way inferior to your approach.

    William Cheung himself says that he learned TWC from Yip Man later on in his life.

    We believe him.

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