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Thread: is this an accupuncture spot?

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    is this an accupuncture spot?

    On each of my shins to the top of the ankle about 4 inches on the inside there is a spot that is super sensitive if you touch it from the back. Forget the tibialis illustrations in this pic and just observe the blue line.
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    If you are saying "touching from the back" that seems to imply you are locating the point on the posterior tibalis bone. That is the general area of Spleen 6 aka Sanyinjiao - "the meeting of the 3 yin channels". Often tender to the touch, especially in women. If it's more over the bone itself, that is not a point but on the Liver channel - I might suspect a history of wrist injuries or other tendon issues...

    hope that helps "point" you in the right direction

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