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Thread: #metoo (An Open Secret: Hollywood - Please Watch)

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    It seems that I was right about this Weinstein thing really being about Trump. I should get paid for this.

    On Bey Logan:

    So that is how he keeps his face so smooth and shiny. And I thought it was Retin A.

    S@X, MONEY, POWER. It goes beyond race and culture.

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    Corey Feldman reveals the name of an alleged abuser:

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    If being good, doing good and being courageous was easy, everyone would be doing it.
    A significant portion of upper level business execs could easily identify as sociopaths or psychopaths.
    In power circles, there is a lot of narcissism and in general, we all function out of self interest to some degree.

    I am never surprised by vitriol combined with what amounts to cowardice.

    Hollywood has always been a deplorable place where people went and KNEW they would be asked for sexual favours in return for money and fame.

    Not that this excuses that, but it fits with the very nature of being human.

    Good luck trying to get people to think and act in a particular way. That ain't going to happen and a little while down the road, the only difference will be how insurance policies are written and what a settlement size looks like.

    I'd like to not be cynical here, but hey, the sky is up, the ground is down and hollywood (hell, the world!) is still filled with deplorable people doing deplorable things.
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    Another shoe drops for Bey Logan

    DECEMBER 15, 2017 8:33AM PT
    ‘Crouching Tiger’ Actress Accuses Harvey Weinstein Asia Associate of Sexual Misconduct
    By Vivienne Chow


    Actress JuJu Chan has accused Harvey Weinstein’s Asia associate Bey Logan of making an unwanted sexual advance and later pressuring her romantically during production of The Weinstein Co.’s 2016 film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny.”

    Chan told Variety that Logan, a friend of Weinstein’s and a consulting producer with TWC, “forcefully kissed” her one evening after a party and later complained during shooting of “Sword of Destiny” that she refused to be his girlfriend.

    Logan vehemently denies the allegations by Chan, who is the latest woman to accuse him of sexual misconduct. Earlier this week, the Hong Kong online news site HK01 published allegations by seven actresses that Logan had sexually harassed them. Only one of the accusers, actress Sable Yu, has been willing to give her name to HK01.

    In response to HK01’s report, Logan denied any criminal misconduct but apologized for having had a “too carefree attitude towards physical encounters with women” in the past.

    Chan, who stars in upcoming action film “The Invincible Dragon,” said Logan’s unwanted advance toward her occurred in 2009, soon after she had returned to Hong Kong from studying in New York and was attempting to break into the movie industry.

    She said she was introduced to Logan at an event, and he was looking for an actress for the reshoot of his film “Blood Bond.” She said Logan invited her to an audition, which was conducted in a normal and professional manner.

    Chan did not sign up for the film, but ran into Logan later on at a party. She was on her way out when Logan asked to share a taxi. During the cab ride, “he forcefully kissed me on my lips,” Chan said.

    “I was so young and was in shock. I just graduated. I did not know how to react,” Chan said. “I pushed him away. He said goodbye and left.”

    Chan said she tried to avoid Logan afterward despite his status as a producer with Hollywood connections. But several years later, she was cast as one of the main characters in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny,” which Logan produced.

    Chan said Logan, who has appeared on camera as well as worked behind it, blamed her for not casting him in a previous project she was involved in, even though she did not have casting authority.

    “When it was clear that the [“Sword of Destiny” producers] wanted to include me in their film, he called me offering me a really low pay to do a side role, while also insulting my abilities. I rejected his offer,” Chan said. “In the end, the casting director for the film contacted me directly with an offer that I accepted. Bey was obviously upset to see me on the set.”

    More than that, Logan appeared upset about her refusal of his romantic overtures, Chan said.

    “He didn’t want me to be in the cast. I never gave him a chance to be close to me. I’m not ‘his girl.’ He tried to kick me out of the movie,” Chan said, adding: “He said to me: ‘Almost all girls I work with are my girlfriends. Why can’t you be my girlfriend? You are the only girl who refused.’”

    Towards the end of the shoot, Chan said, Logan asked her to be in his next movie, “Lady Blood Fight.” Chan told him to speak to her manager.

    Logan denies Chan’s allegations. “I was a co-producer on ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: Sword of Destiny,’” he wrote in an e-mail to Variety. “I did not have authority to and did not make the casting decisions. I did not determine the artists’ pay or engagement terms. Such matters were handled by the relevant line producers. I did not have authority to and did not make any attempts to ‘kick’ anyone out of the movie. I have never made any propositions to her.”

    Chan also said that Weinstein himself approached her during the after-party of “Sword of Destiny’s” Beijing premiere in February 2016.

    The Hollywood mogul “came over to me and asked me if I could meet him in his [hotel] room to spend some ‘private time’ together. I said no, why did we have to meet privately? My manager was there, too, and she could come up,” Chan said. “He was unhappy and I walked away.”

    Chan said it was difficult for Asian actors and actresses to come forward with accounts of sexual assault and harassment. “They are afraid of being blacklisted. It is so difficult to get a role and when people are desperate, they don’t think. They just let things happen,” Chan said.

    “I’ve also seen people not getting any roles after they gave in. There’s no guarantee,” she said. “People who use their power to have sex – [it] is not right.”
    I've interacted with JuJu fleetingly. Last time she came through SF, we had hoped to meet for an interview or something, but it didn't work out in either of our schedules so we said we'd do it next time. She was professional and courtesy, and our dialog was short.

    Thread: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2: Sword of Destiny
    Thread: An Open Secret: Hollywood - Please Watch
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    I believe JuJu Chan over Bey Logan. Her account is very detailed and precise. It's clear that Bey Logan and Weinstein are birds of a feather.

    Back when I was doing the acting thing, our acting coach told the class, directed mainly to the women but also applying it to everyone in the room, that if you go to an audition that is private, or in an unusual location, at least take a friend along, even if they must wait outside during the actual audition. But most of all, if anything feels off or even a little suspicious, trust your gut instincts and DON'T GO IN. You can always tell your agent (if you have one) later why you skipped the audition (which is really no small thing if your agent got you the audition). The vast majority of the auditions I went to had loads of actors waiting their turn right outside the audition room, which is as safe an environment as you can get.
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    More harassment

    Former 'Marco Polo' Producer Hits Harvey Weinstein, TWC With $10M Sexual Harassment Suit
    7:45 PM PST 12/20/2017 by Patrick Shanley

    Getty Images

    The suit, filed on Wednesday, cites "sexual harassment," "battery" and "assault," among other violations by the disgraced former mogul.
    Harvey Weinstein and his former production company, The Weinstein Co., have been hit with an sexual harassment suit worth $10 million by Alexandra Canosa, a former associate producer on the Netflix show Marco Polo.

    The suit, filed on Wednesday in New York Supreme Court, cites "sexual harassment," "battery" and "assault," among other violations by the disgraced former mogul.

    "The foregoing events and actions of Harvey Weinstein took place in conjunction with Plaintiff's employment, in various capacities, for Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company. Over the course of his misconduct, up to September 2017, Harvey Weinstein threatened Plaintiff and made it clear that if she did not succumb to his demands or if she exposed his unwanted conduct there would be retaliation, including humiliation, the loss of her job and any ability to work in the entertainment business," the suit reads.

    It goes on to further address TWC's complacency with Weinstein's actions: "The Weinstein Company and the members of its Board of Directors, knew or should have known about Harvey Weinstein's conduct, and did not act to correct or curtail such activity. Instead, The Weinstein Company facilitated, hid, and supported his unlawful conduct. Harvey Weinstein acted as an executive, agent, management employee and officer of The Weinstein Company. As a result of the foregoing unlawful conduct, Plaintiff incurred substantial physical injury, pain, suffering, humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional distress."

    Weinstein is currently facing several other lawsuits alleging sexual harassment and from various productions that were shut down following the revelation of allegations against him.
    My only experience of Weinstein was chatting with John Fusco when Marco Polo was in development. John told me about how he got a call from Weinstein and made some comment to the effect that when Harvey calls, you answer. That conversation stuck out in my mind because John conveyed how much power Weinstein had in the industry. Of course, this was long before the Hollywood Open Secret exposed him.
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    "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

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    At these last Golden Globes, the subject of sexual harassment of women in Hollywood and elsewhere was the big subject. What disappointed me greatly was the continued avoiding/ignoring of the subject of pedophilia in Hollywood (and everywhere else). Other than a brief Kevin Spacey joke by Seth Meyers, as far as I saw, there was no mention of it.

    I should clarify that I didn't watch the entire show beyond a certain point. I watched some of it to see if there would be any awkward moments (there were). But it's clear that sexual crimes against children (particularly young boys) is a subject that Hollywood is not ready to deal with. The subject is still taboo in supposedly 'progressive' Hollywood. They've made the issue into one of female victimhood and empowerment, but that only addresses PART of the problem and ignores the other half.

    That was my main point in starting this thread. EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS that adult women have been harassed/assaulted in Hollywood and in other industries. Sexual crimes against children perpetrated by adult men (and some women), especially against young males, is a silent epidemic that is being lost in the shuffle, and is perhaps even being purposely buried. NOBODY WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IT OR ADMIT THAT IT'S HAPPENING. And that is the reason I've felt so strongly about this subject's need to be brought into the full light.
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    Golden Globes Hypocisy

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
    At these last Golden Globes, the subject of sexual harassment of women in Hollywood and elsewhere was the big subject. What disappointed me greatly was the continued avoiding/ignoring of the subject of pedophilia in Hollywood (and everywhere else). Other than a brief Kevin Spacey joke by Seth Meyers, as far as I saw, there was no mention of it.

    I should clarify that I didn't watch the entire show beyond a certain point. I watched some of it to see if there would be any awkward moments (there were). But it's clear that sexual crimes against children (particularly young boys) is a subject that Hollywood is not ready to deal with. The subject is still taboo in supposedly 'progressive' Hollywood. They've made the issue into one of female victimhood and empowerment, but that only addresses PART of the problem and ignores the other half.

    That was my main point in starting this thread. EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS that adult women have been harassed/assaulted in Hollywood and in other industries. Sexual crimes against children perpetrated by adult men (and some women), especially against young males, is a silent epidemic that is being lost in the shuffle, and is perhaps even being purposely buried. NOBODY WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IT OR ADMIT THAT IT'S HAPPENING. And that is the reason I've felt so strongly about this subject's need to be brought into the full light.
    This video is great. Michael Knowles is very scathing and humorous.

    Golden Globes Win "Most Insufferable" Awards

    Some Red Pills:
    Women recently were only able to come forward because the corrupt Hillary Clinton did NOT win the election and the American people voted for an Administration that enforced the rule of Law. In this administration, MSN editors had pressure to tell these stories, under Hillary it would have been the reverse, in fact the oppression would have been absolute.
    Harvey Weinstein was a personal friend and political ally of of Hillary Clinton. It went far beyond donations.
    2008 - Weinstein helped organize a star-packed fundraiser for Clinton weeks before the election: an evening on Broadway with Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway and others.
    No editor would have touched the Weinstein story or any other like it with Hillary (AKA Reptillary) as President.
    So this is what Freedom and the rule of Law looks like.
    In the first few months of the Trump Administration, the new head of the DOJ launched a massive crackdown on pedophile rings. It was not reported on by the Globalist anti-Trump Media.
    You cannot expect the Globalist MSN to tell any truth whatsoever about America.
    Donald Trump became president on Jan. 20. And in one short month, there were more than 1,500 arrests for sex crimes ranging from trafficking to pedophilia.
    Big deal? You bet. In all of 2014, there were fewer than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests, according to FBI crime statistics.
    Remember what "Hollywood" is. It is a propaganda arm of seven to nine Globalist families who own the Entertainment News Complex. The Democratic Party is the political arm of these economic Warlords and their MSN is the tool that these Globalists use to try to put their Mandarins in Power.
    Together this is a power machine. This power machine is not broken, but it had a severe setback when the American people saw the danger they presented despite their propaganda control of the MSN and the American people rejected their control.
    So editors now are not so worried about being gunned down like Seth Rich and witnesses have a chance of staying alive and not committing suicide by shooting themselves multiple tiems in the back of the head as might happen under a corrupt DOJ. And the money for payoffs from the Clinton Foundation is gone - the backers fled.

    The people outed 20 or 30 to one are Hollywood Democrats. Their "feminism" is fake. Weinstein would make a speech about feminism and then go upstairs and rape another woman. Most of those outed were the same kind of "feminist spokesmen".
    Hollywood and Time Magazine do not care about empowering women they don't want solutions of harmony between men and women. They are using the Marxist tactic of weaponizing women against men in order to undermine and destroy the foundations of natural human culture or American Culture and allow the State (themselves) to step in and regulate human behaviour.
    BTW Time Magazine was recently sold to another Globalist power in a deal engineered by the Koch Brothers. They did this because they intend to use the media as a tool to advocate open borders and illegal immigration. - policies which will be very tragic for Americans and especially American Women and children.

    Right?! And they said it was gay marriage that was going to lead to pedophilia. - Gene Ching
    The main sources of Pedophilia in America today are the rape cultures of Hispanic Mexico and Islam. In Mexico the (legal age of consent is 12).

    I find the Time cover extremely offensive. That is like A group of Satanists choosing the "Angel of the Year". Who are they kidding?
    The MSN are responsible for not only whitewashing the negative aspects of these cultures they are responsible for bringing those negative aspects into America in their successful advocation of importing illegal Hispanic immigrants and unrestricted unexamined Islamic Immigration.
    The main weapon of deceit of the MSN is not telling the whole truth. Once anyone is exposed to additional information about these subjects on the internet, the lies of the MSN become transparent and obvious. SO the MSN is desperate to kill free speech on the internet.
    If a person's only source of information is the MSN they will be deaf, dumb and blind to what it actually happening in Europe. Europe is overrun with Islamic rape against the Kuffar (that is us) which is endorsed and advocated by the Koran and Pedophilia (enshrined in Islamic Law, the Sharia) and in general: misogyny, honour killings, violence and oppression against women FGM etc etc.

    In fact pedophilia is de facto law in many parts of Europe as is polygamy.
    Example : In Rotherham where 1400 Brit girls were groomed by Islamic rape gangs two fathers went to a Muslim house found their underage daughters there and called the police. The police came and arrested the fathers and left the daughters there because of "political sensitivity". This behavior is the standard by the British Authorities. This is just one sliver of what is happening in Europe today and there are still many Rotherhams existing.

    And BTW stay out of Canada if you can. Canada is destined to become Swedenistan or Sweden 2.0 in short order (Sweden is known as the Rape Capital of Europe and a country that has been lost to it's inhabitants and is under constant assault from Islamic Supremacists). Trudeau has successfully put in motion processes which will turn Canada into a "Post-National State", as he lovingly calls it.
    To give you the flavour - Trudeau says that criticism of ISIS is "Islamophobic". There was an Islamic Terrorist attack in Edmonton recently and EVERY government organization from municipal to provincial to federal and even grass roots lied and distributed misinformation about it. Canadians are being groomed as Eloi for the Morlocks. The Globalist MSN has a total lock-down on the propaganda and information in Canada. It has all the makings of a Stalinist State.
    Along with all that comes institutionalized pedophilia. Diversity is it's strength.
    Canadians don't realize it, but as the highlander said "You have already lost" They will wake up one fine morning a few years from now to discover , like the Germans,and the Swedes already have, that they don't have a country.
    Diversity is the Globalist Strength and the annihilation of our Civilization.
    So the MSN wishes to make America the same as Europe, The MSN is already responsible for the murders and rapes of thousands upon thousands of US women and their Hollywood Spokespeople continue to whitewash Islam and tell mis-truths about illegal immigration. So it is complete hypocrisy for them to pretend they care about women's safety or women's rights. They are merely the propaganda agents of bloodthirsty power hungry Globalists.
    Does Hollywood care about the real feminists wo are getting murdered in Iran right now? does Hollywood care about the rights of Gays who are murdered worldwide as Islam preaches hatred towards them?

    The process of Islamification in America continues unabated . DJT failed to outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood and stop the continuing process of the Islamification of America. Islamic hatred against the "kuffar" flourishes unabated in America and is preached openly in mosques and infiltrate many American educational and governing bodies. The Red-Green , Marxist-Islamist alliance in America is very strong. It is politically incorrect to speak against it. , Soon there will be "Hollywood" on every streetcorner in every city just like the UK, sanctioned by Islamic Law, enabled by Globalist propaganda and Marxist-globalist Politicians and white-washed by the Globalist MSN..

    The Globalists are not a case of "Absolute Power corrupts" but are a case of evil power hungry mafioso pursuing absolute power.
    Europe is the canary, the canary has died. Its feet are nailed to the perch by MSN deceits. Only America has the last chance to wake up and save itself.
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    Real Feminists

    Here are the real Feminists which Hollywood and the MSN are ignoring.

    This is What a Real Feminist Looks Like

    Why doesn't Meryl Screech stand up for Iranian Women? Why doesn't Robert DeZero go on profanity ridden tirades against the oppressors in Iran?
    No payoff there I suppose.
    I read even a few years ago that according to PEW research at least 70 percent of Muslimas polled in France said they would be punished physically or socially if they did not wear the Hijab or Burqa.
    Well maybe Hollywood can lead us back to Europe and save them for a third time? No? I didn't think so.

    BTW, the MSN has a news blackout on what is happening in Iran. It is politically incorrect news and goes against their narrative.
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    Golden Globes - Hollywood and the News Media Attack Themselves

    Andrew is Hilarious. Watch at least the first four minutes

    Hollywood and the News Media Attack Themselves | The Andrew Klavan Show Ep. 440

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    A Corrupt Hollywood in a Corrupt California

    Here's some clips from the Golden Globes with some humorous commentary by Mark Dice. The celebrities on the surface seem hilarious but as one realizes the message here it is quite disturbing.

    Celebrities Save America

    What they are saying is outright insane and it seems anyone that swallows it must have lost their marbles.
    The message they are giving is that the way to solve the problem of sexual corruption in Hollywood is to blame White males. In other words they are solving the problem by promoting racism against whites and sexism against men. This is actually pure Marxist methodology that is designed to destroy a Capitalist democracy. Hollywood is using personal tragedies to further promote the Globalist agenda which is dumping even more abuse on our civilization.

    However we must realize that these are paid actors, they are immoral and amoral and have learned to say and do anything for a price.

    I would think that some ways to solve these kinds of problems would be some kind of openness polices, legitimate avenues of complaint, and uncorrupted and unbiased trustworthy media and a commitment to promote harmony between men and women not catastrophe. That is just of the top of my head, I am sure the Millionaires of Hollywood could do better if they tried.


    It unlikely here that power turns people into something they are not and more likely that pedophiles and rapists will seek an environment and power in that environment where corruption exists so they can practice their perversions.

    The problem is most likely the environment now in California. It is like a mini-PRC, a Marxist totalitarian One Party State, The politicians there did not rise to power by advocating justice and the rule of law, and have that debated in the fair court of public opinion. They achieved power by owning the propaganda system and weaponizing one group against another and actually burning them all in the end. Pure Marxism. They also imported outsiders to change the demographic, paying them off with the State's and America's wealth thus depleting everyone and burdening the Country with their rampant crime and lawlessness.
    And of course these imported outsiders are of course exploited mercilessly by both the American Power elite and Mexican-Hispanic crime syndicates.
    Now you have people all over California unable to say they like DJT without getting fired or assaulted. . Just like living in the Terror ruled Gaza Strip or Cuba under Castro. (Ref Armando Valladares Perez - "Against All Hope"). You have entire elementary schools marching in hatred of DJT, marching against the enemy of the State Globalist leaders.
    Seriously? Children? United in hatred? That only happens under the political direction of a totalitarian State like in China or North Korea where the Governments order Anti-American Demonstrations by the schools and workers..
    They have "sanctuary cities" for the purpose of importing and protecting more illegals and and for this they unleash rampant criminals,crime and economic an social burden upon the entire population. The thirst for power trumps lawfulness and may int the end destroy everyone.
    Truly California is Commiefornia, a place where dictatorship and corruption rules. Corruption is the grease used by dictatorships.
    The politicians achieved power by pitting one group against another and burning everyone in the end. Women against men, gays against straights, trans against gays, colors against whites, all offended people against anything they decide to be offended by, broken families against the family, young against old, Muslims against Christians and Islamic Jihad and Islamification against everyone. Only the warlords and their palace guard thrive. It's an age old story.

    Hollywood can never be reformed until California becomes a democracy with and ideology of justice and fair lawfulness once again. Its going to remain Pedophile Central but will be over shined by what is being imported by the ideology of Islam.
    For the people that have been hoodwinked or manipulated by these forces into believing they are creating a utopia , the worst thing that can happen to them is that they will get what they wish for. One just has to read The Gulag Archipelago to see the fate of all those who are duped into helping create systems of totalitarian Socialist Control.
    When the white majority becomes a minority, I wonder which ethnic group in California is going to be the victor in the struggle for ascendancy? What will happen to all the other losers? The foundation has been laid by the Globalists and Hollywood propagandists for the victors to have a mindset to be absolutely intolerant.
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    Stan Lee

    Having lived in California and PRC, it's quite different.

    EXCLUSIVE: Marvel creator Stan Lee, 95, is accused of groping nurses and demanding oral sex in the shower at his $20m Los Angeles home - but says he is victim of a 'shake down'
    Stan Lee, the 95-year-old comic book legend who co-created Spider Man, the X-Men, The Incredible Hulk and other characters is accused of sex abuse can disclose a nursing company employed to care for him stopped working with him after string of complaints
    Young female nurses complained he demanded oral sex from them, groped them and walked around naked
    But Lee's lawyers tells he has sent a cease and desist letter to the company which employs the women, accusing it of defaming Lee
    'Mr Lee will not be extorted or blackmailed, and will pay no money to anyone because he has done absolutely nothing wrong,' attorney Tom Lallas said
    Lee has a personal fortune of at least $50 million and his home in the Bird Streets area has commanding views of Los Angeles
    He remains a fixture at comic book conventions

    By Ryan Parry, West Coast Correspondent For
    PUBLISHED: 10:43 EST, 9 January 2018 | UPDATED: 16:35 EST, 9 January 2018

    Comic book legend Stan Lee has been hit with several allegations of sexual assault and harassment by nurses caring for him at his Hollywood Hills home, can reveal.

    The Marvel creator, 95, is alleged to have repeatedly groped and harassed a string of young female nurses employed to care for him.

    He is said to have asked for oral sex in the shower, walked around naked and wanted to be 'pleasured' in the bedroom.

    The nursing company which employs the women and caters for celebrities and high end clients is now in a legal dispute with icon Lee, has learned.

    But as yet no police complaint has been made and no lawsuits filed.

    A lawyer representing Lee told that Lee 'categorically denies' the 'false and despicable' allegations and fully intends to clear his 'stellar good name' and suggested the allegations could be part of a shakedown.

    Lee, 95, is the former president and chairman of Marvel and co-created Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the X-Men, Hulk among many other beloved comic book heroes.

    With his new nurses: Stan Lee was photographed with an assistant and a medical worker leaving a clinic earlier this month in Beverly Hills. But other nurses who worked for a previous company and who is not naming or photographing, say he groped them and asked for oral sex in the shower

    Comic book staple: Stan Lee went from a stellar career taking Marvel from a minor publisher to to the biggest name in comic books and for decades has been a fixture at comic book conventions, appearing last weekend at Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans

    Fortune: Stan Lee's personal fortune is estimated at $50 million after a lifetime of involvement in the Marvel empire. He personally co-created Spider Man and the X-Men, which have gone on to help the total take of movies Marvel has franchised equal $23 billion and counting

    Marvel is the highest grossing movie franchise in history having raked in $23billion at the box office and Lee as an executive producer boasts a personal fortune of around $50 million.

    A source with knowledge of the situation, said: 'Stan is an old man who has seemingly lost his way.

    'He doesn't seem to care what people think of him, he's lost his filter. There has been a stream of young nurses coming to his house in West Hollywood and he has been sexually harassing them. He finds it funny.

    'He walks around naked and is vulgar towards the women, he asks them for oral sex in the shower and wants to be pleasured in his bedroom. He uses the word p***y and f**k in their presence.

    'He's also very handsy and has groped some of the women, it's unacceptable behavior, especially from an icon like Stan.'

    The source added: 'The owner at the nursing company has openly said to people that Stan has sexually harassed every single nurse that has been to the house. That got back to Lee and sparked this whole thing.

    'It appears the owner, who has nursed Stan herself, eventually decided enough was enough.'

    A rep for the nursing company confirmed that the female owner had received several complaints from nurses who had worked at Lee's house and she had complained directly to Lee. is not naming the company as to do so would identify the women.

    The nurses, for whom clients pay $1,000 a day, worked on shift rotation at the house and were available to him 24/7, seven days a week.

    Their duties included taking Lee's blood pressure, bringing him food and drink and making sure he took his medication.

    The nursing company parted ways with Lee towards the end of last year.

    Lee's attorney Tom Lallas sent a cease and desist letter to the owner of the nursing firm on December 20.

    In the letter, seen by, Lallas accuses one or more 'individuals' at the firm of having 'published' to others 'defamatory' claims that Lee has 'sexually harassed one or more of the Nurses who has provided Services at the Lee home.'

    In a statement to Lallas said: 'Mr. Lee categorically denies these false and despicable allegations and he fully intends to fight to protect his stellar good name and impeccable character.

    'We are not aware of anyone filing a civil action, or reporting these issues to the police, which for any genuine claim would be the more appropriate way for it to be handled.

    'Instead, Mr. Lee has received demands to pay money and threats that if he does not do so, the accuser will go to the media.

    'Mr Lee will not be extorted or blackmailed, and will pay no money to anyone because he has done absolutely nothing wrong.'

    Widower: Stan Lee's wife Joan died in July 2017 after 70 years of marriage.

    Film franchises: The Marvel franchises, including X-Men and Spider Man have now topped $23 billion in box office takings

    Shane Duffy, CEO of Lee's company POW! Entertainment, said: 'At POW! Entertainment it's our policy to not comment on personal issues relating to Stan Lee and his life.'

    A new nursing company has since stepped in to care for Lee at his exclusive home in the exclusive Hollywood Hills' Bird Streets area.

    The property, which boasts a pool and commanding views over LA, is believed to be worth in excess of $20million.

    Julie Wozniak, a rep for the new firm Vitale Nursing Inc, insists that Lee has been nothing but 'polite, kind and respectful' since they took over.

    'It has been a privilege to care for him,' she added.

    Another source close to the producer also jumped to his defense.

    'Stan is 95 years old and has had an excellent reputation throughout his career,' the source said.

    'People think because of Stan's age he's an easy target and he can be forced into giving them money.

    'I don't believe these allegations...Stan is being taken advantage of.'

    Lee was widowed in July 2017 when his wife of 70 years, Joan, died aged 95. The couple had one daughter, J.C. Lee.

    He remains a fixture on the comic book circuit thanks to his career which saw him go from first writing comic books, to becoming editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, its publisher and chairman, and taking it from a small publishing company to the dominant force in a multi-billion dollar industry.

    But others close to the movie producer are worried about his alleged behavior and question why the fit 95-year-old even needs 24/7 care at home when he's able to travel worldwide for comic book conventions.

    What's more, has learned that Lee's burly minder has been accused of 'intimidating' and 'frightening' some of the nurses involved, further casting a difficult light on Lee's reputation.

    The man, Max Anderson, has been Lee's right hand man for years and acts as his road manager at comic book conventions. He is often seen in photo shoots alongside Lee.

    Anderson - real name Mac Anderson - has a serious criminal past.

    According to court records in Riverside, California he has a 2002 felony conviction for beating and injuring his wife, for which he was jailed for 365 days and spent 36 months probation.
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    Continued from previous post

    Questions over minder: Max Anderson - real name Mac - is Stan Lee's right hand man but has convictions for domestic violence

    Then in 2010, according to court records, he was found guilty of beating his son with a belt, putting him in a chokehold and slamming him on the floor.

    The boy went to school with his arm in a sling which raised the alarm with teachers.

    For that crime he was sentenced to 36 months probation, a fine and anger management and parenting classes.

    It is understood that some nurses complained about Anderson as well as Lee.

    The source said: 'Max is a big guy and some of the nurses are scared of him. 'They have accused him of intimidating them and say a lot of the sexual harassment has gone on in front of him, like some boys' club.'

    The allegations of sex assault and harassment aren't Lee's only problems.

    Earlier this week it emerged someone stole $300,000 from him with a fraudulent check.

    Lee filed a police report on Tuesday after discovering that the money had been withdrawn without his knowledge.

    Money managers for Lee discovered a check for the missing amount marked as a 'loan' that they believe may have been forged, according to TMZ.

    The check in question was made out to 'Hands Of Respect LLC' which according to the gossip site is 'a merchandising company'. Sources told TMZ that 'neither Stan or his money managers wrote or authorized the transaction.'

    Beverly Hills PD are investigating the possible forgery.

    Then on Thursday it emerged that someone also used the comic book legend's money to buy a condo.

    It appears $850,000 of Lee's money was used to buy the property in West Hollywood.

    The revelation came to light after Lee's team carried out a full audit of his accounts following the discovery of the first forged check.
    Been wondering what Lee was worth. You'd think with $50M, he could just buy some hookers. But then, that's not what sexual assault is about. We'll shall see if this sticks.
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    LAPD is investigating

    Steven Seagal Accused of 1993 Rape: ‘Tears Were Coming Down My Face’
    LAPD is investigating a separate 2005 accusation against the actor
    Itay Hod | Last Updated: January 11, 2018 @ 5:04 PM

    Left to Right: Faviola Dadis, Steven Seagal, Regina Simons

    Regina Simons says she was 18 and an extra on Steven Seagal’s 1994 film “On Deadly Ground” when he invited her to a wrap party at his Beverly Hills home. But when she arrived, she said, he was the only one there.

    “He took me into this room and then just closed the door and started kissing me,” she said. “He then took my clothes off and before I knew it he was on top of me, raping me… I wasn’t sexually active yet. People always talk about fight-or-flight. But no one talks about the freeze.”

    Simons is one of more than a dozen women who have accused Seagal of sexual misconduct, but she appears to be the first to publicly accuse him of rape. She and another woman, Dutch former model Faviola Dadis, told TheWrap they filed reports about Seagal with the LAPD in the last month. Dadis said he groped her during an audition in 2002.

    The LAPD detective who Seagal and Dadis said they spoke to declined to comment, citing confidentiality. An LAPD spokeswoman said the department is investigating a separate case involving Seagal from 2005 but declined further comment.

    Both Simons and Dadis told TheWrap that they shared their accounts with several other people years ago before going public, and those people corroborated the women’s accounts in interviews with TheWrap.

    Numerous attempts to reach Seagal for comment on this story were unsuccessful. His son, actor and model Kentaro Seagal, told TheWrap he did not know how to reach his father.

    A producer who recently worked with Seagal put TheWrap in touch with an attorney he said represented Seagal, but the lawyer did not respond to a lengthy description of the accusations, or to phone calls seeking comment.

    ‘On Deadly Ground’

    Simons — now a 43-year-old mother of two — said she had just turned 18 when she met Seagal — then in his early 40s — during an open call for his movie “On Deadly Ground” in 1993. The year before, Seagal’s “Under Siege” had raked in more than $156 million, even earning two Oscar nominations for sound production.

    When her brother heard she was going on an audition for a Seagal movie, he asked to tag along. Seagal was casting for Native Americans, and Simons, who is part Navajo and part Sioux, wore borrowed tribal regalia.

    As they waited with hundreds of other hopefuls, Simons said, Seagal stopped, introduced himself, and invited her and her brother to join him on set.

    Regina Simons at her audition for “On Deadly Ground.” Steven Seagal can be seen in the background

    Soon, they were sitting in Seagal’s trailer. She said her brother and Seagal did most of the talking: She was a shy girl from a conservative Mormon family. When she mentioned a minor headache, Seagal offered to give her a massage. She said he rubbed her hand and neck, which seemed odd, and then went to the set. (Her brother, Ben, corroborated her account of the day to TheWrap).

    Steven Seagal On Deadly Ground A few weeks after shooting her scene, Simons got a phone call: She was invited to his home for the wrap party. When she arrived, she said, no one but Seagal was home, and there was no sign of a celebration.

    “I asked him where is everyone and he said that they had already left,” she said.

    She said Seagal then took her into an adjacent room and raped her. She was so overwhelmed that she froze — though she cried through all of it, she said.

    “The only way I’m able to describe it is I literally felt like I left my body,” Simons explained. “I think because of the situation I was completely caught off guard. Tears were coming down my face and I know that it hurt. He was three times my size.”

    She couldn’t utter a word, she said.

    “I was crying when he was on top of me,” she said. “Even now, my 43-year-old mind knows how to process this and understand what a loving relationship is and what consensual sex is. And there was none of that.”

    When it was over, she said she quickly grabbed her clothes and made a “beeline” for the door.

    “All I remember is him asking me if I needed any money,” she said. “I shook my head and ran towards my car. I cried the whole way home.”

    She said she contemplated coming forward and sought advice from her Mormon bishop, but decided against it.

    “I wasn’t even allowed to date so for me it was a shameful thing,” she said. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, how could this have happened?’ So, I blamed a lot of it on myself and tried to pretend it didn’t happen.”

    The bishop corroborated her story, with Simons’ permission. He asked that his name not be used, but said he would be willing to come forward if necessary.

    “She had done a lot of crying and I tried to comfort her as best I could,” he said.

    Simons said Seagal kept calling her. “I just told the lady I was living with to not take his calls,” she said. “And he finally just stopped.”

    That woman, Patricia Alaniz, said she remembered Seagal calling for several weeks. She said she warned Simons to be careful.

    “His behavior, calling so often, it felt predatory to me,” Alaniz told TheWrap. “He was a middle-aged man, married at the time, and she was young and naive. I thought he was grooming her.”

    Simons said the trauma soured her on acting. She moved home to Utah, then back to the Los Angeles area, where she now works as a case advocate for Native-American families.

    She said she went to counseling for years and a therapist diagnosed her with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in August. Her psychologist, who asked to remain anonymous, corroborated her account with Simons’ permission, saying she believed the incident with Seagal was the source of her trauma.

    “For a first sexual encounter to be violent, it skews your views of the world, relationship and sex,” the therapist said. “It modified the trajectory of her life.”

    The therapist also said her response — to freeze during a rape — is “unfortunately very common.”

    Simons’ mother, ex-boyfriend and ex-husband also corroborated her story in interviews with TheWrap.

    Betty Simons, Regina’s mother, said her daughter told her about the incident about a year after it happened.

    “She was having these terrible migraines and she was stressed out and wasn’t excited about things,” she said. “Finally, she broke down and told me what happened.”

    ‘This Audition Is Over’

    Last month, Dadis took to Instagram to accuse the actor of sexually assaulting her in 2002, saying that he fondled her breasts and grabbed her crotch during an audition for a part in an epic about Genghis Khan. The movie was never made.

    She said she was invited to a “private audition” at the W Hotel in Beverly Hills where she was told to wear a bikini under her clothes so that Seagal and his team could evaluate her figure. She was promised that a production assistant and a casting director would be present.

    But when she got to the hotel room, Seagal and his security guard were the only ones there.

    Dadis said Seagal asked her to take off her clothes and walk through the room in her bikini. He then approached her and said he wanted to act out a “romantic scene.”

    “I expressed that I was uncomfortable with that especially since I was in my bikini,” Dadis told TheWrap. “And then he started pinching my nipples and grabbing my crotch area with his other hand. I quickly yelled ‘This audition is over!'”

    She said she tried to run out of the room but was blocked by Seagal’s security guard. “I began yelling: ‘I need to leave right now, this is B.S., I need to leave right now!’ He motioned to his security guard to let me go and I ran out.”
    continued next post
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