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Thread: Emei kung fu is it in Bak Mei kung fu ?

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    Emei kung fu is it in Bak Mei kung fu ?

    Is the Kung fu Chuk Fat Wan taught to Cheung Li Chuan Emei kung fu ? I always here that Emei Province has people who new Pak Mei kung Fu but when people go there they say there was no Pak Mei Kung Fu I was just wondering what the truth is . There is this mountain in Kwangtung Province by Canton where Hakka people learned kung Fu and is said to have had some monks from other regions of China in the past that taught kung fu to people some of these monks came from Emei it is said Cheung li Chuan and Lam Yui Gwai are said to have learned there , I think one monk was called the Gwong Wai monk .

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    Rumor has it Cheung created Bak Mei Pai as he was not going to inherit the Lung Ying Zhong Shi Mantle, his cousin Lum Yu Gwai did.

    There was NEVER a Bak Mei monk, just myths and superstition.

    It does not change the fact that Bak Mei is a very good Hakka based art.

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