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Thread: 2018 Annual Kung Fu Camp in the mountains

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    Dear Kung Fu friends,
    A big event is happening this summer and you are invited:

    2018 Annual Kung Fu Camp in the mountains:
    Kung Fu training in the mountains and a relaxing vacation retreat
    July 22-27

    Vacation in the mountains of North Carolina and learn Chinese Martial Arts such as Mantis Boxing and many others.

    Additional activities:
    Evening Kung Fu lectures, swimming pool, gym, hiking trails, basketball, volleyball, tennis, horseshoe pits, exercise room.
    All meals included.

    Please share this with your friends on Facebook.

    Event Website:

    Mantis Boxing information:

    YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly

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    This looks nice.

    Good luck. Wish Something this big had come when I was up there.
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