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Thread: Kung Fu Flicks by Style

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    Kung Fu Flicks by Style

    Hi! First time posting here. Been practicing Kung Fu for a while now, also a big fan of Shaw Brothers and other old-school kung fu flicks. I was wondering if we could start some kind of reference list of Kung Fu flicks organized by the styles they feature. Could be kinda interesting, especially in regards to some of the rarer ones. Any interest?

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    Something like this maybe.... Just add styles and titles alphabetically and copy/paste it back if you have anything to contribute.

    Undaunted Wudang 1983
    Pride’s Deadly Fury 1983
    Young Hero of Shaolin 2 1984

    Dance of the Drunken Mantis 1979
    Drunken Master 1978
    Revenge of the Drunken Master 1984
    Shaolin Drunk Fighter 1983
    Shaolin Drunken Monk 1982
    Story of Drunken Master 1979
    World of the Drunken Master 1979

    Crazy Horse, Intelligent Monkey 1982
    Fearless Dragons 1980

    Six Directions of Boxing 1983

    Crazy Horse, Intelligent Monkey 1982
    Iron Monkey 1977
    Mad Monkey Kung Fu 1979
    Magnificent Butcher 1979
    Monkey Fist, Floating Snake 1979
    Snake in the Monkey’s Shadow 1980

    36th Chamber of Shaolin 1978
    Kids From Shaolin 1984
    Martial Arts of Shaolin 1986
    Shaolin Temple 1982

    Sleeping Fist
    Buddha Assassinator 1980
    Buddhist Fist 1980
    Last Hurrah for Chivalry 1979
    Sleeping Fist 1979

    Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow 1978
    Snake in the Monkey’s Shadow 1980

    Consummate Power 1984
    Shaolin Chastity Kung Fu 1981
    Yoga and the Kung Fu Girl 1978
    Kung Fu vs Yoga 1979

    Wing Chun
    Incredible Kung Fu Master 1979
    Prodigal Son 1982
    Stranger form Shaolin 1977
    Warriors Two 1978

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    Hi. Does even a brief appearance of a style in a movie warrant mention? Or does it have to be a main feature in a movie?

    For this post, I'm going to assume that the style at least appears in the movie. If the style is important to the film, I'll put a * next to it.

    Choy Lee Fut

    Along Comes the Tiger (1977)
    Choi Lee Fat Kung Fu (1979)*
    Drunken Master II (1994)*
    Duel of the 7 Tigers 1979)*
    Knockabout (1979)
    New Shaolin Boxers (1976)*
    Tiger Over Wall (1979)
    The Young Master (1979)* (Jackie and Wei Pai's characters' kung fu school is a CLF school)

    Hung Kuen/Hung Gar This will be next to impossible, as HK was THE single-most featured style in old-school KF films. So I'll just list some of them. Even after having watched KF films for over the last 40 years, trying to think of and list all of the movies that HK has appeared in (and in alphabetical order) would be far too monumental a task for me. So I'm only listing some of the movies, off the top of my head, in which HK plays an important role in the movie.

    Challenge of the Masters (1976)*
    Disciples of Shaolin (1975)*
    Disciples of the 36th Chamber (1984)*
    The Drug Addict (1974)*
    Drunken Master (1978)*
    Duel of the 7 Tigers (1979)*
    Executioner from Shaolin (1977)*
    Fist of the White Lotus (a.k.a., Clan of the White Lotus, 1979)*
    Fearless Duo (1979)*
    Five Shaolin Masters (1974)*
    He Has Nothing But Kung Fu (1977)*
    The Heroes (1979; a.k.a., The Unforgiven of Shaolin)*
    Heroes Two (1973)*
    The Lady is the Boss (1983)*
    The Magnificent Butcher (1979)*
    Martial Club (1981)*
    Men from the Monastery (1974)*
    My Young Auntie (1981)*
    Return to the 36th Chamber (1980)*
    Secret Rivals (1976)*
    Secret Rivals II (1977)*
    Shaolin Avengers (1976)*
    Shaolin Martial Arts (1974)*
    Shaolin Temple (a.k.a., Death Chamber, 1976)*
    The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)*
    Tiger and Crane Fists (1976)*

    Monkey style Here are some additions to your list above:

    Five Superfighters (1979)* (Note: This is sometimes listed as a 1978 production)
    Knockabout (1979)*
    The Loot (1979)*
    Monkey Kung Fu (a.k.a., Stroke of Death, 1979)*
    Two Champions of Shaolin (1979)*
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    I have been watching kung fu movies lately on You tube, on my smart TV. A ton of movies from shaw brothers to new releases. Most are dubbed in English, some are not your mileage may vary.

    Yesterday, i watched Joe Rogan, and crew trying to get Eddie Bravo to understand the world is not flat as he believes......

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