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Thread: kung fu teachers in Amersfoort, Netherlands ?

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    kung fu teachers in Amersfoort, Netherlands ?

    Does anyone have recommendations for kung fu teachers in Amersfoort, Netherlands ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Lightbulb Ving Tsun Amersfoort, Ng Ying Kungfu Apeldoorn, Kungfu Toa Utrecht

    Hello Lokhopkuen

    In Amersfoort you can train at a Ving Tsun academy,
    i think Ving Tsun has a connection with Wing Chun or something in that fashion. Straigth line work, Chain Punching, Sparring, Wooden Dummy and selfdefense techniques.

    Or you can go to Utrecht to Kungfu Toa Simorgh is a different system of Kungfu from the middle east. It is a mixture if many kungfu systems. Much unarmed forms and techniques, and a grading system. I do not know the exact founder but look here:

    A little further is Apeldoorn you can practise there Ng Ying Kungfu, Ng Ying Kuen under sifu Patrick van Steen. It is a southern 5 Animal system of kung Fu with Tiger, Leopard, Crane, Snake and Dragon forms and techniques but also weapons.

    Well maybe there are more. I myself practise Hung Gar Kungfu in Deventer.

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