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Thread: Tai chi for health

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    Kumkuat Guest

    So, who actually practice Taiji for health?

    Yeah yeah, taiji is a fighting art. But who actually practice it for mainly health and not get too hung up on trying to learn the martial applications? I do; it's cool to learn the applications, but I'm not even internal enough to use it correctly. So I'm just focusing on my taiji as just an exercise.

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    Scarletmantis Guest
    Good for you. You've probably heard all the advice about learning the art from a fighting perspective in order to glean the true health benifits. I too practice Tai Chi "for health", also for many other reasons. Why limit your art?

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    Prairie Guest
    It's my opinion that most forms of martial art are good for health even if the combat aspects are not trained or learned. Taijiquan would be included in this respect.

    I didn't start practicing taiji with the goal of getting healthy - but it's certainly a nice added benefit.

    Bye for Now,

    PS: I've come to the conclusion that some training methods are not healthy. Since my wrist was broken, I've decided that 3 Star blocking is not very good for me. (yes, I know this exercise should not involve the wrist but my opinion is now set)

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    JerryLove Guest
    Taiji is good for your health on some level as lond as you don't twist your knees or anything. It's best if done properly (both structurally and energy wise). The easiest way to make sure you maintin doing it properly is to do it with the martial intent in mind.

    That said, I too look at the health benifits of Taiji as one of the reasons I choose to persue that art.

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    Internal Boxer Guest
    I too purely focus on the martial side of the art. But I must admit the health benefits are an amazing by product. I suffer a lot less from colds and flu, my levels of concentration have improved at an exponential rate. Every other fighting technique I knew previous to training in internal arts has become imbued with power, without any muscular tension. I do not know about others but I find it has increased my creativity and work productivity! Employers would do well to encourage exercises that augment internal energy.

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    OldFatBaldGuy Guest

    Original intent was for health but.....

    I study it as a martial art and practice it for my health. As I've said before, I came for the health and stayed for the combat.



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    lausan Guest

    Tai chi for health

    I would say that I practice tai Chi for its health benefits not really for its applications.
    Being first and foremost a Southern external practitioner, I get all the applications I need from that style.However I can appreciate the combat side of Tai Chi and can see many similarities between the two styles in terms of application.

    By practicing both styles I get my fare share of Yin & Yang! ;)

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    Ky-Fi Guest
    I can see the logic of the approach of lausan, when he's already getting CMA martial training in another style, to look at Taiji as more of a health pursuit. And, I don't mean any offense to anyone, but I must say I don't really see the logic of someone who doesn't practice any other martial arts to learn Taiji solely for health. I think the health benefits of Taiji WILL be present to some degree even if you don't learn the apps---you'll still get the great relaxation, stress reduction, qi circulation, etc. But virtually all the moves of Taiji forms were designed for martial use, and if you're just looking for health, it seems to me that you'd be spending a heck of a lot of your training time learning movements and angles and posture principles that weren't specifically created and refined for their health benefits. Wouldn't it make better use of your time to learn a lot of the great non-martial qigongs that are out there---ones that were specifically created with health benefits in mind? I don't know, that's just my take.

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    unclaimed effort Guest

    Health concerns

    In the time I did not learn an entire form in Tai Chi... Is it going to be safe for me to practice it and begin the flow of Tai Chi knowing that I will end up stopping the flow forcefully instead of ending the flow naturally with the ending movements of the form?

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    Sam Wiley Guest
    If you're really concerned about this, just slowly bring your feet into a shoulder width stance on the last move, raise your handsin front of you as you inhale and lower them as you exhale. A standard qigong ending movement.

    Taiji is just qigong, and cannot harm you really, unless you do it extremely wrong maybe. The concern about this sort of thing has to do with shortened forms, not whether or not the entire cycle was completed. If you do a qigong for the liver and leave the other organs out, it doesn't really matter, as you are healing the liver.

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    unclaimed effort Guest
    Thanks for your help.

    I can be like one of those philosophers who hide everything in poems, but instead I can tell you the true secret of martial arts in one word:


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    As internal MA people I would like to hear your definitions on what is a Healthy person?
    Do you feel this relates to resting pulse rate,mental attitude,ability to fend off virial infections or something more?

    Please apply the same question to bodyweight issue?Do you feel the western scale for healthy bodyweight is incorrect?(I know that it is when applied to Aisan and African Countries)
    All comments welcome
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    Some would call it antecdotal, heresay.. others would add it to the growing body of evidence that suggests that the measurement is not as important as the object being measured.. (my body of evidence grows..).. thanks..

    Be well...
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