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Thread: Origin of kungfu qigong magazine

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    Shaolindynasty Guest

    Origin of kungfu qigong magazine

    Hey I would like to know how you guys started this whole thing? Like who started it, who helped, how did you get the first issue published etc. cmon guys tells us the awesome origin of Kungfu Qigong magazine

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    GeneChing Guest

    funny you should ask that...

    Next year is our 10th anniversary. Click the Kungfu Magazine icon on the upper left hand corner of this page to go to our official website. If you've been there before, click your refresh button and you'll see that our "new" button is now our 10th anniversary button. That will lead you to a whole new section that we are posting right now. Its about our benefit celebration of 10 years of Devotion to Chinese Martial Arts, and as this website develops, you'll find out lots more about our history. Watch that site for more updates!

    Gene Ching
    Asst. Publisher
    Kungfu Qigong Magazine &

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