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Thread: The Real Lee Harvey Oswald is

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    The Real Lee Harvey Oswald is

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    A.J. Hidell.

    He is the man on the left. The man shot ( not shot-staged ) was not the man on the left.

    My Father ( Billy Pearson - Adopted by A.J. ) is still incarcerated. You will release him and make a ( and perhaps I am doing so now ) public announcment. Lee Harvey Oswald was Department of Naval Intelligence. False Defector program. I Billy Pearson no longer want to be a United States Citizen at all after discovering who my birth father is and ideally was .

    You will clear the Oswald Name and give Marina and Lee's Children peace once and for all !

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    I Billy Pearson will probably be executed sometime in the near future. I am doing everything to prevent that and hopefully save as many men , women and children as I can. World wide.

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    If you prefer some of you may think of me as a journalist. But like A.J. Hidell. I am an idea man.

    People being contacted by law enforcement of any land. Have a right to remain silent and those investigating are now under heavy criminal investigation. Including all of our living Presidents. You are not Kings !

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    I am a shield and I am a sword.

    Feck your free pens Mr. Presidents.

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    Boys and girls

    I am also a member of a very elite team of men and women. My records do not exist. They never did !

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    This " Lee " beat the crap out of my father Fausteen on more than one occasion. He hated my birth father as do I , my brother Scott , our little Brother Jimmy ( shhh he does not know anything and must never ! ) and my sister Yuki ! But there are more brothers and sisters in Indochina and they as well had children.

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