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Thread: The Real Lee Harvey Oswald is

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    The Real Lee Harvey Oswald is

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    A.J. Hidell.

    He is the man on the left. The man shot ( not shot-staged ) was not the man on the left.

    My Father ( Billy Pearson - Adopted by A.J. ) is still incarcerated. You will release him and make a ( and perhaps I am doing so now ) public announcment. Lee Harvey Oswald was Department of Naval Intelligence. False Defector program. I Billy Pearson no longer want to be a United States Citizen at all after discovering who my birth father is and ideally was .

    You will clear the Oswald Name and give Marina and Lee's Children peace once and for all !

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    I Billy Pearson will probably be executed sometime in the near future. I am doing everything to prevent that and hopefully save as many men , women and children as I can. World wide.

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    If you prefer some of you may think of me as a journalist. But like A.J. Hidell. I am an idea man.

    People being contacted by law enforcement of any land. Have a right to remain silent and those investigating are now under heavy criminal investigation. Including all of our living Presidents. You are not Kings !

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    I am a shield and I am a sword.

    Feck your free pens Mr. Presidents.

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    Boys and girls

    I am also a member of a very elite team of men and women. My records do not exist. They never did !

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    This " Lee " beat the crap out of my father Fausteen on more than one occasion. He hated my birth father as do I , my brother Scott , our little Brother Jimmy ( shhh he does not know anything and must never ! ) and my sister Yuki ! But there are more brothers and sisters in Indochina and they as well had children.

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    These are my briefs.

    I can not share all gathered intel to protect our people around the entire world. I also am not " privileged " enough for everything or everyone. Most of you short timers took advantage and even refused to help you own people and immediate family members. Now that job as well as many others has fallen upon Yours truely Billy Pearson.

    The same guy few of you Boat People met long ago and some of their offspring knew a bit better. I was also in San Clemente, California but got around to a few places Stateside and in Canada and in BajaCalifornia ( Mexico ) .

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    Most of the Pearson family and relatives the world over do not have any real knowledge of our existence ( thank you for the spell check on this forum. I barely know how to do that ) THAT MUST REMAIN SO ! That is an ORDER , for all of you most low ( as am I ) and most High ( as is every president alive ! ) . That is for all of our PROTECTION !

    If I am ever allowed to be remarried. I'll dump the pearson name in place of my wife (s ) name.

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    Billy can use a .22 centerfire Mr. Trump. Very well if need be. He never has !

    Trump was trying to use Scott Pearson's Glenfield model 60 against Billy Pearson. The rifle in question was purchased by Billy's brother Robert Pearson. Scott signed the forms fort he purchase. At Kmart on Ridge Rd. Irondequoit location. It is now closed. Time frame was when ammo was $. 50 a box of 50 .22 LR . Billy's grandfather called a head and delivered the rifle to the Irondequoit Police Dept. It was never log in. A cop took it home with him. They did it all the time back then. BB guns too.

    Billy never owned a sigle firearm in his life. His Grandfather Carl Johnson forbid firearms in his house. The Police once again broke the LAW ! As did Scott Pearson
    , Billys older VMI brother.

    Billy is actually revolver trained at a local Marine corp base. Marine Corp Explorers . Billy was once again an illegal on a firing range. AS USUAL ! Billy was 9 or 10 years of age !

    Lynn Aslett's Clark a LT at the time was shocked to see Billy wandering the mess hall.

    Billy can shoot. .22 is his favorite handgun !

    Leave Tiffany and the LAO girls alone ! YO and TIFFANY -- COMMANDS BILLY ) .

    Hushpuppie is Billys preferred style !

    Billy is not so good with a rifle and neither was Oswald. A.J. Hidell is a fantastic shooter.

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    The black mix child was the real shooter. But Diponzio in fact got what he deserved. ALL COPS are FELONIOUS CRIMINALS the world over. All of Monroe country is seriously corrupt. There are very few decent law officers here. Judges and attorneys as well.
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    Diponzios family must never be connected or contacted to/ for any of this. That is an ORDER ! No chatter period. Police are already involved at all levels. And in many countries. Many of you will be removed forever .

    If you now know. I would behoove you to never speak about this again. Any of my wandering off topic reports !

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    To the students of MCC that think I am something else. I AM ! Max is not. He is clean for the most part and must remain so. I need only one females help. I am having great difficulty. Max has been with only 2 women. A white girl and a Turkish Muslim girl. Not good enough and no longer needed by him or my family. Thank you both very much. Super beautiful both of you ! I preferred his High School graduation date . Half Philipino I believe. She is unavailable or Max was unacceptable.

    If there is a Asian female that would be understanding enough to pick Max up and take him home I would appreciate it. He works and goes to school. He needs someone to go for walks to help him lose weight.

    His father is currently being killed by every means possible while trying to save as amny as possible. I amone of the most dangerous men alivce at this point in time. I am always watched. You will be too.

    You will be protected. Just be his friend . Its all I ask. Dont bring me up if possible. He knows there is crazy things happening and is scared. He hears. Please stop chattering.

    I am ASIAN ! Max is not. He is White/Mexican and more. Please redress him . I cant stand his chose in clothing. I don't mind the hair but he looks better close cropped. Get him to lift weights. Make him get his permit as he refuse to do so for me. Beside this work I also have to play mom and drive my son where ever he needs to be. I also have to take care of my mother. Im bankrupting her. I have no more funds !

    Any Asian/White dudes there can do that ? Drag him to a gym. Start easy .Just be his friend. Dont talk about me. No kung fu. Neither do I . I get beat up !He don't do, I was to quick course with him. I Marched and worked his ass off once. I can not do it at present !

    My son Maximillian Fox with Lilly !

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    Ps I will remove his and her pick later today.

    If there is any female his age please assist. All other help or shut up !
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    My ugly old ass soon to die birth father is a multi millionaire and spent all of about 4000.00 dollars on me his entire life. He has a life insurance policy on me for that very amount. I was a Marine Corp dependent and All I was alloted my entire 18 years was $ 50 dollars a month. I hate the United States Marine Corps. Come for me you filthy ugly jarheads ! I double dog dare you pussies !

    Touch even one of my family other than filthy old Fausteen and my TRUE family will come after everyone of yours ! Believe it yet ?

    NO LINKS TO MY MAX"S FRIENDS EVER AGAIN ! Last warning youngsters !

    People are dying over this stuff right now. We will not keep covering stupid kids and adults !
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    Well there is some variance.

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