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Thread: Chen Taijiquan Seminar w/Chen,Ziqiang

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    Chen Taijiquan Seminar w/Chen,Ziqiang

    Chen Taijiquan Seminar w/Chen,Ziqiang Oct.26-27 Philly,PA

    Hello All,

    We are pleased to announce the return of Master Chen, Ziqiang this year with a full weekend seminar. He is the Chief Coach of the Chenjiagou Taijiquan School in China. Feel free to pass out the info to anyone you think may be interested in attending.

    Topics: Standing and reeling silk exercises, 19 form applications and Push Hands (Tui Shou)

    Day 1 will consist of standing and reeling silk exercises and 19 form applications

    Day 2 will be Tui Shou (push hands) training with an emphasis on apps drawn from Day 1

    Where: Phoenix Martial Arts Center

    401 W. Elm St. Norristown, PA 2nd floor

    When: October 26 & 27

    9am-12:00 pm and 1:30 4:30pm

    An hour and half lunch break will separate the morning and afternoon sessions.

    Cost: For the Full weekend- $230 if paid by Sept. 28 and $240 after Sept. 28th to October 19th

    Morning Session- $75 Afternoon Session- $75 One full day- $120

    Cash only the final week of the seminar

    Please mail your checks or money orders to:

    Michael Rosario-Graycar

    219 E Basin St.

    Norristown, PA 19401

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    Hijacking this old post

    I moved the date from the title of the Chen Taijiquan Seminar w/Chen,Ziqiang post to the body of the text. It's a bit of thread necromancy that I hope tajiboxer won't mind.

    Also copied this to the Summer 2018 thread because he was our recent cover master for that issue.

    Tai chi attracts increasing number of fans in US
    Xinhua | Updated: 2018-10-26 15:32

    Doreen Hynd demonstrates tai chi in New York, the United States, on April 19, 2018. [Photo/Xinhua]

    "I have been practicing tai chi for 30 years. It always works on internal harmony and balance, and external harmony in getting along with people and the society," said Richard Griffith, an instructor for cement masons, who lives in Arcadia, California.

    Practicing tai chi has brought Griffith not only health and longevity, but also romance.

    Griffith met his girlfriend in China when they both traveled halfway across the globe to Chenjiagou in Henan province, the birthplace of a very popular form of tai chi, to study the martial art.

    "We found common interests, and tai chi brought us together," said Griffith, breaking into a smile.

    Griffith drove several hours from Arcadia to downtown Las Vegas to join a week-long tai chi workshop, instructed by master Chen Ziqiang.

    Double broadswords, push hands, Laojia Yi Lu and Tai Chi Ball -- Griffith practiced different movements with dozens of practitioners under Chen's guidance.

    Deeply rooted in Chinese meditation, medicine and martial arts, tai chi combines mental concentration with slow, controlled movements to focus the mind, challenge the body, and improve life energy thought to sustain health and pacify the mind.

    Las Vegas is the second stop of Chen's six-city tour to teach tai chi to Americans. The trip also includes Washington D.C., Phoenix, San Diego, Chicago and Seattle.

    Having practiced tai chi for 41 years, Chen combines his martial talents with self-motivated physical training and theory. Chen is head coach at the Chenjiagou Tai Chi Academy in China's Henan province.

    In recent years, he has traveled to Europe in spring and summer, and the United States in fall, to teach tai chi and spread that part of Chinese culture.

    "An increasing number of American people are becoming interested in practicing tai chi. In the past, a majority of the practitioners were elderly people. Now more and more young people are participating," Chen said.

    Found in many community centers, health clubs and studios in the United States, tai chi has a favorable reputation thanks to its gentleness and accessibility.

    "Tai chi demonstrates how inextricably interwoven the mental and physical body is," Chen said. "Your mood, your emotional states, and your physical states are all beginning to improve at the same time."

    Andy Oliver, a hotel project manager, said practicing tai chi helps to counteract the repetitiveness of jobs and daily routines, where our bodies move only in limited ways.

    Tai chi also serves as a bridge to learn more about the Chinese culture, Oliver said.

    "Tai chi is moving meditation, which helped me find flow and balance in movement and daily life. One of the most significant benefits is stress reduction," said Grace Bearis, a software development manager who had traveled to Las Vegas from San Diego.

    Griffith, who instructs 500 students in his apprenticeship program in southern California, invites his students to warm up for one hour using tai chi every morning on work days.

    "We are fascinated by the art of tai chi, and we are also enthusiastic about the Chinese culture," Griffith said.
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