they say this is the best theyve seen.......
I'd like to get you all's rating on this video compilation of "real kung fu fighting" as they call it......

and for the record, this is not the best I've seen, its ok, at best. if we're gonna talk kung fu combat, they can find better. sanda competitions usually have footage.
the unfortunate thing with "real combat" gongfu, is if its a challenge of any sort, it wouldnt be filmed, and sparring or competitions that go on inside all the serious guan/kwoon community or temples for that matter, would likely not be filmed, so I get the void being there, IJS.....Ive seen some guys in UFC use great wing chun, and in old K-1 fights from like the early 2000's, there was some good stuff goin on in there, the you have Cung Le , who has plenty of footage around.
I dont get peoples rush to minimize gongfu skill. its not a microwave style of fighting.....thats the only downside?
since these guys have a following, if you have some live footage you dont mind sharing, that can give "real kung fu" (as they put it), a better look, share it please. I'll do my part to dig up some footage as well. this video is ok, has some firey moments, let me know if you spot anything nice in it, or if you have background on these tournaments and styles aside from the commentary.