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Thread: Air conditioning service

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    Air conditioning service

    Hi guys, my a/c is broken. Do you know where I can repair him in Singapore?

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    Hey buddy, I may help you, only if you tell me where are you located and how much are you allowed to pay for it? I usually call guys from airspam servicing to my house, it is about 4 years from the moment I am using their service and I like the work they are doing. Most of the time I am calling them to change something simple, not very expensive. I am living in Pulau Ujong, in what city are you living?

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    Hey, I had a similar problem, because I live in an apartment on the top floor. It was summer and can you imagine how horrible it was with a broken air conditioner? I thought even to move for some days with my friend. I was searching for something good on google, forums bit didn't find out anything that would worth my confidence. I asked all my friends and my relatives. My dad said I can try professional and qualified aircon servicing in Singapore. Now, my problem is solved and I can use my air conditioner. For me the comfort and atmosphere in my home is the most important, because it describes the way I feel.

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    Gotta give this spammer props

    Demixl failed by answering their own question as if it was another member.

    ryanbest ttted a thread from 2019 to reestablish the spam.

    As if this was the venue to sell AC...

    Nevertheless, these spambots are pretty funny...

    ...and now they are banned.
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