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Thread: Whiskey...tango...foxtrot...over?

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    Mr. Reach holds the ranks of;
    5th degree black belt in Karate
    5th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo
    4th degree black belt in Aikido
    2nd degree black belt in Iaido
    2nd degree black belt in Judo
    2nd degree black belt in Jujitsu
    He has studied a wide variety of other martial arts in addition to the
    ones above such as Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, Toyama Ryu Batto Jutsu,
    Chinese and Okinawan Kempo, and various styles of Okinawan and Japanese Karate.
    The above was taken off the web-site of a local dojo. The gentleman in question looks to be between 33 and 37 years of age.
    So my question is, 'REALLY?'
    I am 67 years old. My instructors have included Professor Takahika Ishikawa and Mr Thomas laPuppet. Both BlackBelt 'Men of the Year'. When I was with the Professor, he held a Shichidan and at his passing he had been awarded Kudan. I believe Mr laPuppet held a Yondan at his passing. Two great men that dedicated their lives and souls to a singular art. I hold a Nikyu in Kodakan Judo and a Nidan in Okinawa-te. I do not see how a person can legitimately hold that many belts, of any weight, let alone the weight he posts, at any age, let alone a man in his mid 30s.
    Any thoughts?

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    Sadly, there are a lot of lies and bloated egos in the martial arts world.

    As long as you know, that's good enough.
    no point in starting a poop flinging fest on here to run down yet another martial arts fraudster.

    Now, if you want, you can get some mileage at bullshido with this kind of thing.
    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    Ah Bullshido. Here's to all the surviving MA online discussion forums!

    People collect all sorts of stuff - baseball cards, Funko Pop, belts.

    You wanna belt? I'll sell ya a belt.
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