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Thread: Splits???

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    Mister Hansome Guest


    I want to learn to do the splits!!!
    Any suggestions on a safe and painless
    way to do this!

    Any reply would do. :rolleyes:

    Real Wisdom comes through experience!

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    honorisc Guest
    Put your arms on two tables spread your feet wider...

    Very some such, perhaps might have been, likely say some, some not.

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    Repulsive Monkey Guest


    how can your life possibly improve by learning to do the splits? The spilts if done to excess can actually start to deteriorate your pelvic region. But if you really want to know how to do it ignore a lot of the strenuous measures to force the legs open as this in the long run will guarantee pelvis/Illac problems, the real secret is relaxation.

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    DrunkenMonkey Guest
    Exercise, stretch, and relax. You can do it the modern way of slowly progressing to it, or you can do it the asian way and get some guy to stand on your thighs while you are attempting the splits.


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    Ford Prefect Guest

    If you stretch the muscle rather than the connective tissue, then no damage will occur and you can remain flexable and strong in an extreme ROM through old age. I do agree that you should only as flexible as you "need" to be though. More is just risking injury.

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    Mister Hansome Guest


    what kind of stretches can i do to gradually
    achieve the splits without causing extreme pain
    and ultimately problems.

    Real Wisdom comes through experience!

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    bratok304 Guest


    OMG, how to stretch and make a split WITHOUT pain? HAHAHHAHAHAH , what kind of ppl are you? Practice Martial Arts and don't want it to be hard.... HHAHahahahhaha so funny... i mean, do tae bo or something and feel relaxed all you want. :rolleyes: :eek: :rolleyes: :eek:

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    honorisc Guest

    You are not anything,

    People who like to get hurt and pain, do. And those who feel they have to be punished threatened or forced to do things that are good for thimselves, that's legal~. Yet hurt/Pain are not necessarily required in all things.~

    Very some such, perhaps might have been, likely say some, some not.

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    marycatherine Guest


    Hey NF,
    The key to doing splits is having very warm hamstrings. If you are going for the kind of split w/one leg forward then what you can do is start in a kneeling position with your right or left leg forward. If you right leg is fwd, then lean fwd over it for about ten seconds...then straighten the front leg and try to put your nose to your kneecap and hold it for ten seconds...with each stretch slide the rear leg back with your tarsals and kneecap facing the floor...after five to seven reps of this stretch just slide your rear leg behind you as far as you can. It is very important to keep your rear leg as straight as possible. That is what develops the flexibility over time...if you don't keep that leg straight you'll end up doing a James Brown kind of split. Another pointer is to keep your hips square and your weight over your center. You'll also need to support your weight by placing a hand on each side of where your hips would be. To help develop the flexibility more while in the split lean your nose to your kneecap and hold for a few seconds, and arch your back and look up at the ceiling for a few seconds. When I did gymnastics we worked very hard on getting those splits and keeping those hamstrings warm. good luck!!!
    MaryCatherine Gallagher

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    Mister Hansome Guest


    thanks for the advice, is there anymore?

    Real Wisdom comes through experience!

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    IronFist Guest
    I was doing this before Pavel recommended it :)

    1. Find a table or something or something that can keep your legs spread at whatever angle you want. To widen the angle, just pull the table legs closer to you, and they will touch higher on your legs.

    1.5 If you can decipher that last paragraph, you're more than half way there.

    2. Sit on the floor and stretch to a leg width that is comfortable. Put the table in place to hold your legs there. It shouldn't hurt. Do this watching tv or something. Every few minutes or so, pull your legs further apart (maybe an inch or two) and replace the table.

    3. Keep doing that until your legs don't get any ****her apart.

    It works because it causes your muscles to relax at the new width, as your nervous system becomes comfortable with it. Eventually you'll get pretty far.

    Man my writing skills deteriorate when I should be studying.


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    Robinf Guest
    Another thing that works is "splat"--you get into a split as low as you can, then go down on your elbows. You then want to work up to putting the side of your head down and your arms out to the sides. This one, however, hurts.


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    Boot Split Selfies in China

    Stretching their legs! Chinese women compete to flaunt their long pins by closing a car boot with a SPLIT
    Bizarre trend began after a young mother had to close the boot with her leg
    Other women have followed suit in a bid to show off their pins and flexibility
    A video shows women using different techniques to compete the task
    PUBLISHED: 06:16 EDT, 6 October 2017 | UPDATED: 07:29 EDT, 6 October 2017

    What's the most creative way to close a car boot? With your legs, apparently.

    Women in China are competing to show how they could close the trunk of their car by doing a split in a bizarre new trend, according to local media.

    The challenge allegedly began after one young mother was seen having to close her car boot with her leg while holding her child and her handbag in a viral video.

    The bizarre trend began in China after a mother (pictured) was seen having to close her car boot with her leg while holding her child and her handbag. Many woman have followed suit

    To complete the task, this woman resorted to a back arch position as she tried to reach the lid of the trunk (left). She was said to remain in the position (right) for five more minutes

    Since then, other women have followed suit in order to showcase their figure and their flexibility.

    In a video report posted today by, an affiliation to People's Daily, multiple fashionable women used different techniques to complete the task.

    One woman, wearing a white top and hot pants, resorted to a back arch position as she supported herself with her hands and stretched her legs to reach the car.

    Another women, with her shopping in hands, swiftly swung her right leg up the boot before bending her knee to close it in one go.

    One woman took the challenge with her shopping in hands. She quickly swung her leg up to reach the vehicle before bending her knee downwards to close the trunk of the car

    Apparently, women in China are compete to take the challenge so they could showcase their long legs and their flexibility. Pictured, another fashionable woman closed the boot with a split

    A young woman caught up with the trend after a trip to a flower market. Multiple women used different techniques to complete the task in a new video shared by Chinese media
    continued next post
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    continued from previous post

    Long legs are considered as a highly desirable feature by women in China.

    In 2015, a 20-year-old model, named Dong Lie, became an internet star across China for her unbelievably long legs.

    Dong Lei's incredible pins measure 45 inches long - the equivalent to the height of an average seven-year-old girl in China.

    Miss Long Legs: Dong Lei gained fame for her impressive pins, which are 45 inches long

    She entered television programme 'Supermodel', impressing judges with her amazing figure

    The stunning 5ft 11in model from Anhui province, east China, entered popular television programme 'Supermodel', impressing judges with her amazing figure.

    One fan even wrote in advising her to insure her legs after seeing photographs of the model online.

    Ms Dong said that she gets her height from her 6ft 1in father and 5ft 7in mother.

    The woman with the longest legs in the world is Ekaterina Lisina from Penza, Russia.

    Crowned by the Guinness World Records 2018, the 29-year-old stands at 6ft 8.77in and has pins measuring a staggering 52in long.

    Ekaterina Lisina, from Russian, stands at a jaw-dropping 205.16 cm (6 ft 8.77 in) tall after being measured in Labinsk, Russia, on 20 July 2017 with her pins measured a month earlier
    I approve of this splits selfie trend, even though it's yet another thing that befuddles me about China (pretty soon, I'm gonna split off Chinese selfie trends from the I will never understand China .
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    Forced Splits

    I've had Shaolin monks force me into splits (or at least as close as my rigid hips would let them). Hurts like hell. You're so vulnerable. But if they know how to do it right, you can really make a lot of progress.

    Cheerleading coach fired for forcing girls into painful splits insists he did ‘nothing wrong’
    Tom Herbert for
    Saturday 18 Nov 2017 10:00 am

    A cheerleading coach who was fired for forcing girls into painful splits has insisted he did ‘nothing wrong’. Ozell Williams lost his job in August after video emerged of him making teenagers perform ‘split stretches’ – despite them screaming for him to stop. Now the ex-Denver East High School coach has defended his actions and said the move ‘helped’ the girls. He told CBS Denver: ‘I told them it was going to be painful because this is a split stretch this is no joke. Splits, they hurt. ‘They wanted to do it. I know it helps them and they know it helps them, that’s why we’re doing it.’

    Ozell Williams said he ‘didn’t do anything wrong’ (Picture: CBS News)

    He added: ‘What am I hiding from? What am I hiding for? I didn’t do anything wrong.’ Williams has been silent since the video surfaced, and has only recently come forward to defend himself. He was accused of of tearing 13-year-old Ally Wakefield’s ligaments and one of her leg muscles during the exercise, which is known as ‘breaking’. But he told CBS that doing a split is essential to cheerlearing and said it was an optional exercise. Williams added: ‘Do you know what it feels like not to be able to say anything, or to have my kids call me and say what can i do to help you?

    Williams was fired after the video emerged (Picture: CBS News)

    ‘I’ve been shut out. I haven’t been able to get jobs. People that looked up to me look down on me now.’ He said he’s been called a child abuser, has been sent a noose on social media and has been told: ‘You are a terrible person – I hope you die’. Man accused of ejaculating into co-worker's water bottle after she noticed it was cloudy And he says he’s been labelled as’someone who would put a kid’s life in jeopardy – which is not me at all’. But when asked if he thought he did anything wrong he said: ‘No – I didn’t hurt any of those girls.’ And he said he’s not forcing the girls into position – merely holding and stabilising them. The school principal retired and an athletic director also resigned after the video emerged. Last month district attorney Beth McCann announced Williams will not face criminal charges.
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