One thing I'd like to implement in my daily subconscious is the acceptance of meditation. It could also be termed, awareness of observation, or allowance of headspace etc....

employing Bodhidharmas 4 practices, as a check list or way to have a foundation for meditation. If we examine the 4 practices, they provide a guiding shield to avert any "offense" or so-called disturbance in meditation. An example, you're in line at the grocery store and some one accidentally rams you in the back (gently, yet not so gently), likely on accident (yet you arent sure), what do you do?
mind you this is something out of your control, meaning you didn't provoke it, and you're in public..
before you act check your self, literally, and ask yourself are you still meditating? how easy is it to stray from a serene awareness, or keep you "zen zone", or how easy is it to stay on the path, unwavering in meditation? the meditation must go with you away from the mat, or the temple, when the environment "helps" you meditate, and into the world that helps you practice and cultivate meditation in action. what use is your zen if its only strong when you sit on the floor?

this post below is borrowed from: 4 Practices
Today meditation: (starting onů.)
☸️ 4 practices ☸️
1. Retribution of enmity (hatred): accept all suffering (adversity) as the fruition of past transgression. Without enmity or complaint. /Take nothing personal.

2. Acceptance of circumstances (karma): to remian unmoved by all things, bad luck or good fortune seen equally. /Judge nothing nor anyone.

3. Absence of craving (or aversion): to be without wanting or judgment, which are the sources of suffering.
/Practice giving without expectation.

4. Accordance with Dharma: eradicate wrong thoughts by practicing Paramita /seek and express only the true nature in any circumstance. /

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