Ever since then end of the 20th century, I have witnessed disciples of the Choy Lee Fut system change the history of their own origin, and especially that of Cheung Hung Sing's historical background. I don't know if it's a ploy to steal attention away from the CHeung Hung Sing lineage of Choy Lee Fut was accidental or not, but it does seem at least in my opinion to be personal and very intentional. Why this tension exists between the Chan Heung and Cheung Hung Sing lineages truly exists in the first place is beyond me. Regardless, what i'm witnessing till this very day is the continued effort to spread misinformation much like how the Corona Virus in 2020 spread like mad. In some cases, i'm seeing contempt towards the Cheung Hung Sing lineages and a bitter competition to stay in the spot light.

The Cheung Hung Sing lineages admit that Chan Heung was at one very short time *1836-1841 a student of Chan Heung starting when he was only 12 years old. However, even according to the history, Chan Heung never got to complete Cheung Hung Sing's Choy Lee Fut training, this is why he sent Cheung Hung Sing to the Green Grass Monk. Now, Cheung Hung Sing wasn't able to complete his Lee Gar training under Lee Yau San, nor his Choy Lee Fut training under Chan Heung, but Monk Ching Cho (Green Grass Monk) did manage to complete Cheung Hung Sing's training in a total of 8 years (1841-1849). [1] Monk Ching Cho Wo Sheung instructed Cheung Hung Sing to make his way to Fut San, the martial art mecca of southern China, for one very specific purpose.

[1] "The Fut San Hung Sing branch was started by Chan Din-Foon in 1848. Jeong Yim 張炎 was the successor to the
school in 1867.
" The real truth was Monk Ching Choy was the person who sent Cheung Hung Sing to Fut San in 1849. In 1851 Cheung Hung Sing officially established his Hung Victory School using the Hung Victory 洪勝 name. This Hung Victory name has very deeps roots in the Triad Society, and there were Tongs in Guangxi that used the Hung Victory洪勝 name as well. Currently, there is even a triad gang using the Hung Victory 洪勝 name also. There is even a poem when broken down directly shares the Hung Victory 洪勝 name in addition to the others. The one thing is for sure, Chan Heung is NOT the source of the Hung Victory 洪勝 name at all.

All of Chan Heung's schools shared the Great Sage 洪聖 Hung Sing name. To date, there has never been an account mentioned publicly that Chan Heung had to change the name of his school. So, it would be safe to state that Chan Heung's son Chan Koon Pak should be using the Great Sage 洪聖 Hung Sing name since he was a direct descendant. But, for some reason Chan Koon Pak was using the name of Cheung Hung Sing's new Hung Sing 鴻勝 name, instead of using the name of his own father's school.

Cheung Hung Sing's School was constantly on the news and wanted by the government. Chan Koon Pak changed his schools name by replacing the Hung 鴻 character for another Hung character 雄 using a word meaning Strong because he didn't want to be connected to the Fut San Hung Sing Kwoon any longer. The still lingers though, why didn't Koon Pak ever use his fathers Great Sage Hung Sing name, ever?

Misinformation #2

The Fut San Hung Sing branch was extremely popular and this worried the Manchu government supporters as
well as created intense rivalries between martial arts schools. Rumors and gossip of the school being affiliated
with the Hung Moon 洪門 political party created even more tension between the Manchu controlled local
government and the school. Originally, started by Chan Din-Foon around 1848, the school flourished up to the
time of his death.

In the history of Fut San's gung fu, no mention of Chan Koon Pak nor any stories, records, or anything. But, the author of the misinformation above wants the reader to believe he's talking about Chan Din Foon and his school when mentioning the Hung Mun and the manchu government and not that of Cheung Hung Sing. and the flourishing of Chan Din Foon's school? Where are the records? What and who were involved in what? The Fut San can answer those questions with relative ease in regards to their involvement. I've never come across any outside information about Chan Din Foon's school. ADDITIONALLY, you can see the try to monopolize on the "Hung Sing" name and claim their lineage was the first in Fut San. The only problem is that is when we use English translations. Let's get it straight. Let's say Chan Din Foon did open a school in Fut San. His schools name in english would have been Great Sage Chan Kwoon. Now, Cheung Hung Sing's school name translated as Hung Victor/Great Victory. 洪 and 鴻 both translate as "Great" and are the only accepted alternative. Great Sage is talking about and individual. Hung/Great Victory was a hidden reference to the ultimate goal of the Hung Mun Secret Society, and that was the "Hung" 洪/鴻 will be "Victorious" 勝 in over throwing the Qing Dynasty to restore the Ming back to power.

Misinformation #3

In other words, since all of Wong Gong's 黄江 teachings
are passed down are from the entire Jiangmen area, officially his lineage is now called the Jiangmen branch of
Hung Sing Choy Li Fut

The only lineage of CLF that can call themselves "Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut" belongs to Cheung Hung Sing's Fut San Hung Sing Kwoon lineage. Chan Heung created the style of "Choy Lee Fut" therefore ALL of the descendants related to Chan Heung should be calling their style "Choy Lee Fut". However, since the Fut San Hung Sing Kwoon once again rose up to major popularity, I've noticed many of Chan Heung's descendants alter their styles name to call it "Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut" when under Chan Heung there is no HUNG SING CHOY LEE FUT.

Misinformation #4

Unfortunately, all of this is not officially documented. No written historic records can be found about Jeong Yim.
According to the Chan Family History Book
(the "Big Book"), the only historically documented fact showing
a relationship between Chan Heung 陳享 and Jeong Yim 張炎 is the date of 1867, when Jeong Yim was sent to
reopen the Fut San school as the successor to Chan Din-Foon 陳典桓.

The above is incorrect. The only entry into Chan Heung's documentation on Cheung Hung Sing was that in 1867 he returned to Fut San to re open the Hung Sing Kwoon. It does not mention anything about being the successor to Chan Din Foon. If this were the case, Cheung Hung Sing would have kept Chan Din Foon's Great Sage Hung Sing and continued his legacy. However, Cheung Hung Sing removed Chan Din Foon's school name and replaced it with his own. Think about it, why would he remove the schools old name if he was going to be his successor?

In fact, Cheung Hung Sing did return to Fut San in 1867 and that was to re open the school he first opened in 1851. Fut San has records of Cheung Hung Sing and his school clearly in 1851, so this negates the misinformation that Chan Heung sent Cheung Hung Sing to Fut San in 1867 as if this was his very first school or First time being in Fut San.