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With a deeper look into China's history, one will know that Cheung Yim's Fut San Hung Sing Kwoon was well known to the Chinese Government for being a revolutionary martial arts school. This school was known to be part of the Hung Mun, the most despised Secret Society in the eyes of the Qing Empire, and capture suffered mandated instant beheading's (No Trial at all) for anyone connected to the Hung Mun Secret Society. Therefore, possessing any documentation or literature that could end your life instantly was not a smart idea for members of the Hung Sing Kwoon. As a result, their history had to be passed down orally until the 1950's with Premier Zhou En Lai's (also a Hung Sing Disciple)personal instructions for Chen Yilin of the Fut San Hung Sing Kwoon (Student of Chan Ngau Sing) to officially document their history and was even given permission to mention Monk Ching Cho Wo Sheung in what is called "100 years, from Beginning To End,History of the Fut San Hung Sing Kwoon.