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    online workouts

    Gene said we need to post more to keep things alive so here goes.

    It's pretty crazy how everyone seems to be creating online workouts.
    Yan Lei is producing a bunch of home workouts on youtube:

    Yan Xin is doing similar stuff although he has always kind of done this:

    Yan Zi has made the whole shaolin temple uk online, I think it's pay walled but he did release this:

    These last two aren't Shaolin but hey:

    Anyone else know of some good links to share with online learning?


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    Shaolin Kung Fu Channel

    Some of the Shaolin schools do live-streaming on Facebook or instagram sometimes but no set schedule!

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    these are great videos, I particularly like Shifu Yan Lei's circuits

    in the spirit of adding more, lets try to share some of what we are personally doing in training while we stay in, if you dont mind sharing of course!

    I've just recently started making short videos for IG, and the footage is building up, though I've been using it to nitpick my taolu, I imagine we can make some decent workout videos, share different circuits ands variations, maybe some applications, I'd love to see some of the stuff we talk about all day lol
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