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Thread: Online Tournament ideas

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    Online Tournament ideas

    heres a nice idea maybe TC or even the KFTCM forum can look into doing something similar, maybe even working with this school?
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    I saw that

    I'm curious to see how that plays out. Will people really pay $25 for the chance of winning a medal? I'm skeptical.

    To be blunt Djuan, right now we are looking at salvaging our live competition, the Tiger Claw Elite Championships. Our initial deposit credits are still binding and factions like the venue are hoping we'll reschedule, but until the pandemic subsides and mass gatherings can be held safely again, who knows what is going to happen with all tournaments?

    I did propose the idea of something like this for our 2020 Tiger Claw WildAid Championship. I thought it might be viable with a charity event. However, that idea was prior to our cessation of publication, and now, closing down the print magazine and perpetuating the web properties have taken priority.
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