Chopfit uses one axe? We use two.

Get a workout by pretending to swing an axe? Sure. Okay. Fine.

Image: ChopFit
By StackCommerce
1 day ago
Work on your fitness from the comofort of your home with THE CHOPPER for $429.99, a 13% savings as of June 14.

Many have been forced to get creative with their at-home workouts. Some chose to pick up roller skates for the first time since childhood. Others decided to start jumping rope. These are weird times, you guys. So weird, in fact, that this strange piece of equipment called the Chopper exists.
The Chopper is basically a weighted axe-shaped workout tool you can use to spice up your workouts. What's cool about the Chopper is that depending on where you hold it, the weight will feel heavier or lighter (between six to 16 pounds) even though the Chopper itself only weighs four pounds. Rather than just pretending to chop invisible wood, you can use the accompanying app to find legit workouts that last about 20 minutes and can be done pretty much anywhere. Plus, you can easily customize the intensity levels by upping the reps or switching up your grip.
From core stability to cardiovascular endurance, the Chopper can help you get a full-body workout without hitting the gym. It's just about as simple (and weird) as it sounds.
Typically retailing for $139, you can get a full-body workout with the Chopper for just $119.99.