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Thread: ..ok so i sparred a BJJ guy tonight

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    Ryu Guest
    It's not a problem. I didn't mean to sound like I was bashing Shuai Chiao either. As I mentioned, I'm interested in the body-lock throwing I've seen from them, and want to study more of it.

    As far as my friends, well no not really. It's true that my Taiwanese friends usually hang out with Taiwanese, and my Japanese friends hang out with Japanese, but they don't bad mouth each other. We all like hanging out together as well. :) No hatred between them. Though one of my HK friends can be a bit roasting of Japanese when he's not around any! :D


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    Lost_Disciple Guest
    My ex gf from Macau (like 30 miles from HK) was the exact same way. heheh

    Just some thoughts from an ignoramus.

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    MonkeySlap Too Guest
    I got into a fight with myself today. I was in the bathroom shaving. I looked over the sink and there he was, holding a razor to my face. He looked real scary too, cause he had this white stuff all over his face like he had rabies or something. So I was like "You looking at me?" and I was all like "You looking at me, cause I'm the only one standing here." He didn't seem fazed, so I went for a throw, but it was like he wasn't there. So I punched him hard and he disapeared. I had to get 12 stitches in my hand from all the glass. What a loser, if I ever see him again...

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    Fish of Fury Guest
    LOL MonkeySlap

    and i thought there was nowhere else to take this!

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    GunnedDownAtrocity Guest
    i was gonna respond to this thread, but i don't think i can top the wheelchair thing.

    where's my beer?

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    neptunesfall Guest


    i thought it was a true story LOL
    i didn't take it as you ragging on shuai chiao, though. i guess my reading comprehension is out the window when i'm tired.

    i need a signature. any ideas?

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    ttt 4 2017!

    I'm posting this here because I just have to share it and I found the post below, which is as relevant as it gets.

    Quote Originally Posted by SevenStar View Post
    Ok, so I fought a cockroach today

    He just stared me down, like he was all bad, so I rushed in and immediately tried to stomp him. It had no effect, and he continued to scurry about so that he could mount an attack of his own. I wasn't going to give him the chance. I cornered him, tossed him with a powerful yama arashi, then went for the mount. I then began to wail on him with punches and elbows. He was still kicking, and I was tired, so I thought to myself "Well, this is NHB, so anything goes, and proceeded to get a broom. I wacked him with a few good shots, but there was no stopping this guy! My next thought was to break out a can of Raid and get him with my deadly "pesticide palm" technique. By the time I readied the technique, he had managed to get under a crack in the wall. His defense was awful, but he had some hellified iron body training! Those things really don't die. I screamed through the wall crack that I wanted a rematch, which he has yet to grant. I'll get him next time

    "Just because I joke around sometimes doesn't mean I'm serious about kung-fu.
    " - nightair
    One of my sword fraternity brothers forwarded this to me. My frat bros. They're the best. It was a lovely read to wake up to...

    Doctors remove live cockroach from woman’s nostril
    TNN | Feb 2, 2017, 11.52PM IST

    CHENNAI: For close to 12 hours, Selvi's nose sheltered a cockroach. Four hospital visits later, after a dozen hands prodded, coerced and pincered, it was brought out, alive.

    The 42-year-old Injambakkam resident had woken up on Tuesday night with an itchy sensation in the nasal cavity. "At first, I thought I was coming down with a cold," said the homemaker. But, the obstacle began to wriggle and she was taken to a private hospital.

    Doctors suspected a nasal growth. At a second hospital, a contraption was used to pump it out with water, but failed. At the third hospital, doctors attributed the discomfort to a "foreign body that seemed to be mobile", and recommended a scan.

    On Wednesday morning, Selvi, who was struggling to breathe, was referred to Stanley Medical College and Hospital. Doctors in the ENT department used a endoscope and found the blob had a pair of antennae. "It was a full grown cockroach," said Dr M N Shankar, head of the department. It was in the nasal cavity between the eyes, close to the brain.

    "It was alive. And it didn't seem to want to come out," said Dr Shankar.

    When a suction apparatus was used, the insect clung to the tissues. "We had to use a combination of suction and forceps to finally pull it out," said Dr S Muthuchitra, part of the rescue team. The process lasted 45 minutes.

    The department has in the past removed beads, a button cell, leech and chalk piece from nasal cavities. "But not a cockroach, especially not one this large," said Muthuchitra, showing the 'invader' on its back in a container, its wings spread and legs moving excitedly.
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    Those things lay egg cases, you know...

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    Oh what the HELL?!?!

    Another one?

    Man sprays insecticide into his ear to kill cockroach that had been stuck inside for 3 days

    After exhausting all his other options, a Chengdu man decided to spray insecticide into his own ear in a last ditch effort to kill the cockroach that had taken up residence inside.
    Over the preceding three days, the 60-year-old man had tried everything to evict the tiny pest from his ear canal. However, tooth picks, tweezers, and violently shaking his head back and forth all proved ineffective. At his wit's end, the man resolved to resort to chemical warfare.

    While the bug spray did kill the cockroach, it also did some collateral damage to the man's own ear, causing his ear canal to swell up, trapping the dead bug inside, Oriental Daily reports.
    Finally, the man was forced to go to the hospital to remove the carcass of his tiny foe. Doctors successfully extracted the 1cm-long bug and advised the man that next time he should just try pouring some mineral oil into his ear.

    Of course, the man could have thought of worse ways to extract the cockroach. Back in 2014, one Taiwanese girl tried to kill a roach with fire, and ended up blowing up her office toilet.
    [Images via Oriental Daily]

    Quote Originally Posted by -N- View Post
    Those things lay egg cases, you know...
    thanks for that...
    Gene Ching
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