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Thread: ..ok so i sparred a BJJ guy tonight

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    GGL Guest

    ..ok so i sparred a BJJ guy tonight

    .. I thought those guys were supposed to be good... all the guy wanted to do was try to ground fight. Maybe i am wrong but I thought there was throws in that style. They couldn't even fall without getting hurt. I really didn't have to ground fight.. the throws took too much out of him.. we said full contact.. so i threw him to the ground (ouch!!:)) and then he tried some funky roll... so i kicked him in the head. Maybe they should think fighting from the ground up.. I don't mean to knock the style.. but we were pretty equal in size and experience.. i think the style is only as good as the person practicing it... so I guess the only thing to say is the boy got schooled in Shuai Chiao.. then we went and got a beer.. it was a good night

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    Ryu Guest
    Cool thing happened to me too.
    I sparred a Shuai chiao guy tonight. First off the guy tries to come into me and use this weird ass throw. OUCH! The guy couldn't even make it work and he flung himself onto the ground head first!
    I just mounted him and started punching. I mean, I thought these guys had some groundfighting in their system? I don't mean to knock the style, just seems that this practioner sucks.
    The guy was terrible, and couldn't stop any kind of takedown, and had no ground defense.

    Then we went out for pizza. It was a good night.

    Sounds kinda silly don't ya think?


    "One who takes pride in shallow knowledge or understanding is like a monkey who delights in adorning itself with garbage."

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    Johnny Hot Shot Guest

    I smell A Troll

    Hmm, I liked Ruy's story better. ;)

    "Life's a great Adventure, Mate"
    Jacko Jackson

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    Braden Guest
    I fought a goose today. I thought those birds were supposed to be mean or something.

    I was eating my lunch out on the patio when this goose comes along, and he's all up in my face demanding some of my chips. So I'm like, yo... step up. The little ******* steps, staring me in the eyes and giving me this wretched hiss. So I fake a left, and he just flaps his big wings out!! I thought these birds had claws or something. Anyway... he took the fake, so I shot, scored a single-leg and brought him down. He put me in his guard, and I was having trouble passing, so I just grabbed his scaley little legs and pounded his head into patio until he tapped.

    But then we went out to Karioke, so it was a good night.

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    KnightSabre Guest
    LMAO - Braden thats hysterical.

    "You're Good Kid Real Good,But As Long As I'm Arround You'll Always Be Second Best See".

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    Lost_Disciple Guest


    GGL = Greg?
    This is Eric, I lived in Austin and trained with Hughes. If this is Greg, then I saw part of your testing; Chinese New Year's 2000; right?

    Used to hit up Pickens' class on Wednesdays; so one way or another i know of u, or u might know of me. :)

    Saw Vinny at Taiji Legacy this year, he won the heavyweight division. Told me he left the school and was training Muay Thai to get used to the contact- but he won with mostly throws.

    How you been bro? :)
    Down in San antonio with my folks, graduated college, but no real job yet.

    I know you ignore everything i write; but trolls don't post their city, school, and school website. You might wanna lay off.

    Just some thoughts from an ignoramus.

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    Ryu Guest
    I don't recall you addressing me personally with anything before, and if you did I am sure I would have responded like I do with everyone else. If I hadn't forgive me, but I do not "ignore" people unless they are truly out just to get a rise out of me.
    I do not care if one has a school or not, the post was arrogant, cocky, and filled with self-tooting, and disrespect for the style compared.
    I would have said the same exact thing if it had been a BJJ guy picking on a kungfu style, and in fact I have done just that in the past.


    "One who takes pride in shallow knowledge or understanding is like a monkey who delights in adorning itself with garbage."

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    Braden Guest
    I fought a Brazilian today. I thought they were supposed to be tough from all the streetfights or something.

    It was outside a mall. He was like all sarcastic "Yeah, thanks for holding the door open for me" cause like I just walked in. Yeah, sorry YOUR MAJESTY. So I turn around and I give him a good shove to show him I mean business. THESE GUYS HAVE NO ROOT. He just slid back like four feet before he could stop. So I laughed, this was gonna be easy. Started at long range, pegging his shins with low kicks. This guy couldn't kick worth ****!! He didn't even try! I guess he shouldn't have spent all his training time on the ground!! ha ha! Then I was getting bored, and he wouldn't stop moving around, so I closed and started chain punching him in the face. HE COULD ONLY USE ONE HAND AT A TIME. It was all block, block, try to strike. I guess boxing ISN'T so good for stand-up, huh? LOL So finally I tackle him, drag him to the ground, and roll him over on his belly. He couldn't even put up a fight. I guess groundskills are no good when you're allready beat! He was just all "Dude, sorry... but my wheelchair is rolling into traffic... please, at least stop it!"

    But then we went downtown and gave wrong directions to tourists for a few hours, so it was an ok night.

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    Fish of Fury Guest
    hey, stop it guys, i'm cracking up here!

    OK i can resist no longer.


    i fought this lettuce today! what a weed! i thought those plants were sposed to be tough.
    it was all like just staring me down arrogantly and refusing to move outta my i just leapt in the air and took it down with a flying sidekick.
    it had no root at all, and went totally limp like a a lettuce leaf!
    then i had to leave.

    but later we all went down to the Colon Clinic and had a recreational intestinal lavage, so it was a pretty good night!

    __________________________________________________ _________________________ "I'm just trying to lull you into a genuine sense of security!"

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    Ryu Guest
    And yet I'm the bad guy for responding to this post in the exact same way... Guess I should have used some kinda vegetable too.

    I get annoyed just like anyone else.


    "One who takes pride in shallow knowledge or understanding is like a monkey who delights in adorning itself with garbage."

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    DragonzRage Guest
    No Ryu, he's right! What a wake up call! I wanted to be just like royce gracie the undefeated UFC champion but now i realize how blind i am. Bjj doesn't have the devastatingly powerful throws of shuai chiao and it is easily defeated by the dreaded kung fu boot to the head. The confidence in my grappling ability has been shattered like a fragile vase beneath the proven might of Chinese kung fu. GGL's flawless victory has made me rethink my foolish beliefs that the majority of kung fu guys out there can't fight and that shuai chiao is like judo without any ground work or submissions. It scares me to know that there are kung fu fighters out there as powerful as GGL. My Muay thai/vale tudo fighter mentality has been permanently scarred and I now feel humbled and impotent and have glorious newfound respect for traditional styles. How could I have been so wrong???? :D :D :D

    "The UFC spawned a new breed of "mixed martial artists." World-class wrestlers learned to kickbox. Champion kickboxers learned to grapple. (The karate experts learned to stay home.)"

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    neptunesfall Guest


    what school did you shuai chiao sparring partner train at? just curious...

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    brassmonkey Guest
    As much as I originally thought this was a troll post I went and read a few of GGL's post and he might be on the level though he's probably reading into his lil victory too much. Dragon very sarcastic tone but somehow I suspect your post is how you truly feel just don't know it or willing to admit it.

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    Fish of Fury Guest
    just to clarify...
    i don't think you're the bad guy Ryu. i also have nothing against the original poster. basically it's all just opinion, and it's all good.

    i just relish the opportunity to make jokes about vegetables!

    __________________________________________________ _________________________ "I'm just trying to lull you into a genuine sense of security!"

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    toddbringewatt Guest
    Okay. Here's my attempt at a Braden-style reply (funniest **** on this board by the way - GO BRADEN).

    I fought a Power Ranger today. As you may know I live out here in Hollywood and I spotted one of these guys eating sushi at a restaurant in West Hollywood. I think it's the guy who wears the pink suit. Anyway, I thought these guys were supposed to be tough. HA!

    First of all, I walked right up to him and smacked him up side the back of his head. Oh, I guess his "danger radar" wasn't working that day. :rolleyes: So anyway the guy's like a total puss about the whole thing and goes, "Hey if you wanted an autograph you could have just asked." He and his little Power Ranger wannabe friends just laughed and I guess I was supposed to feel stupid and walk away but I was like, fucck that, so I pinched the major nerve points at the base of his skull and stuffed his face right into a bowl of edamame.

    So like one of his little buddies stands up to intervene (I think he might be the stunt double for the blue Ranger but I'm not sure) and I just sweep him right to the floor (GEE WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR ABILITY TO SUDDENLY LEAP 30 FEET INTO THE AIR HIT ME WITH A LIGHTNING BOLT???!!!). He must not have had any ground skills either 'cause then he panicked and just laid their like a slug hoping I wouldn't ground and pound him. I was more interested in this so-called Pink Power Ranger anyway.

    So before the poor guy drowns in soy beans I yank his head out of the bowl, and get this, this freakin guy actually tries to KICK ME!! Can you believe it? A long range attack at stand-up grappling distance. What a moron. So I grab the guy's nuts and I swear I couldn't find anything there. HE TRIES TO KICK ME AGAIN, but this time I mantis hook the kick, tiger claw him in the face and he goes out like a light.

    AND THESE GUYS ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT THE POPULATIONS OF EARTH FROM THE EVIL FORCES OF MUTANT WARLOCK DRONES FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION???!!!!!! Please. This guy didn't even have the basic grappling skills to handle a third grade, public school, lunch money extortionist without having to tap out!

    But anyway, after the whole thing was said and done, rather than be a dick about it, I took the guy and his buddies down the street to their favorite local butt-loving watering hole and bought them all lap dances with an oiled up German guy named Hans (I think he's the set stand-in for Lorenzo Lamas in The Immortal). I'm gonna challenge him next week.

    Anyway, it was a cool experience. And I learned how ineffective all that Hollywood chop saki really is when the the cameras aren't rolling AND THE OPPONENT ISN'T PAID TO TAKE A DIVE! I wasn't sure about the rumor that all the Power Ranger fights are fixed. BUT I KNOW NOW!! HA HA HA HA!! ;)

    TV martial arts suck.

    "Bruce Leroy. That's who!"

    [This message was edited by Bruce Leroy on 11-06-01 at 04:21 AM.]

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