The following was posted on his daughter Olivia Li's facebook:
Olivia Li is with Randy K Li.
16 hrs
Everyone - Thank you so much for all of the prayers and support. �� Unfortunately, I'm very sad to report that my father, Randy K Li, passed away today. �� Many of you know that he was an incredibly strong, spiritual man. It would've taken a planet to bring him down. He was very strong to the end, defying many of the predictions from the doctors. I am so, so proud to be his daughter. <3

I hope it's not too much to ask for more prayers on his behalf and for my family as we grieve. We are in the process of arranging funeral services and will share news of that when we're ready.

In God's name, amen.
I knew Li Sifu. We crossed paths many times over the years. He was always very friendly and man, he could eat. I was always impressed that he wasn't obese with the amount of food he could put away whenever we went out for meals.