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Thread: The Stages of Kung fu Training?

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    The Stages of Kung fu Training?

    Tai chi teacher Chen Zhonghua just posted this excellent video talking about the stages of tai chi training.

    Jiben gong (aka chan si gong)
    Panjiazi (choreographed structures)
    Chai shou (breaking down choreographed structures into applications)
    Tui shou (simulated fighting)
    San shou (free sparring)

    I think you more generally apply this to all styles of kung fu:

    Gong (body conditioning)
    Tao lu (forms, choreographed sequences)
    Chai shou (breaking down the form into specific applications)
    Tui shou (limited, controlled fighting drills)
    San shou (free sparring with pads, etc.)

    Unfortunately, I think a lot of schools only focus on Gong and Tao Lu and never sufficiently break down the forms, drill, or free spar. That's how you end up with total disconnection between forms and fighting and why everything "looks like kickboxing" under pressure.

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