I was just reading this and it brought back a thought I had recently.... I read the tao of wing Chun, and it was a good read, better than most WC books I've read, not that I own many... anyway.. he brought up a term which was new to me "tensegrity". at the same time I had read another article of Coach Wade's on isometrics, both of these made me think of S.L.T and what a multi-training-tool it was... so well thought out. also a book on bagua pointed out something that I had never thought about, so many people train to get strong, but most never have the strength to stand still with good posture for 5 mins, never mind longer lol. all of the above can be worked on while practicing SLT!! I always thought there had to be a good reason why you should practice SLT every day, progressive strength building would be that reason. Wing Chun, being a structural based system, you have to have a good strong structure, if you can't hold your own structure, how can you expect it to hold or effect someone else's?

I got to the end of T.T.O.W.C... and it had a chapter on strength, I was disappointed that it said to use external weights, when there is such a good strength building set built in to SLT.. (all 3 forms infact seem to be a well thought out stretching and strengthening routine, though I don't know all of C.K and none of B.J, so it's from observation, I write this)

When I 1st started practicing S.L.T I was taught that you practice under dynamic tension, but this seemed to give way to relaxing as much as possible after a while, though I've since went back to the old way.. it just makes more sense, rather than try to make it a qi gong type of form.. though after reading some of John painter's stuff I think there is room for zhan zhuang set.. a wooden man set... an idea of a wooden man came to mind, I just train the 2nd section as set of zhan zhuang (someone pointed this out on this site, I've been looking for the post but can't find it) but I think this could be bettered. a bigger task than I'm capable of, but if there's anyone with the knowledge, time and... well just bored and looking for a project.. this may just be the one for you.