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Thread: WINNERS: Dragons and Boxers Autographed by Kyle Fiske

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    WINNERS: Dragons and Boxers Autographed by Kyle Fiske

    Congratulations to our winners of Dragons and Boxers Autographed by Kyle Fiske. Thanks to author Kyle Fiske for providing the prizes.

    Peggy L. - San Marcos, CA
    Jimmy R. - Winter Haven, FL
    Joaquin V. - Carlisle, PA

    For more on Dragons and Boxers by Kyle Fiske. see our Dragons and Boxers by Kyle Fiske thread.

    For our current online sweepstakes contest, visit

    NOTE: My apologies on the tardiness of the prize awards. It was totally my oversight as I'm not in the office very much nowadays so I didn't see the prizes sitting there and only realized I hadn't posted this on schedule when our graphic artist let me know just now.
    Gene Ching
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    Congrats to the winners, and thanks a lot to Gene and the folks at KungMagazine for hosting this giveaway! And if you didn't win and are still interested, the book is available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon, and at other major booksellers.

    I'm in a small writers group of martial arts writers, and we're tentatively planning a short story anthology to come out early next year. Our styles range from more straight wuxia, to historical fiction, to modern martial arts action and to alternate realities. Should be a cool mix! You can follow me on Facebook for more details when they're available:



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