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Thread: Thundering Mantis

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    MartialKnight Guest

    Thundering Mantis

    Anyone seen it? What are your opinions?

    I recently got it and am wondering if the mantis is more northern or southern?

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    jun_erh Guest
    is that the one with Beardy?

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    Chang Style Novice Guest
    If by "Beardy" you mean Leung Ga Yan (from The Victim and Knockabout, among others), the hkmdb says yes. Never seen it myself.

    I am the Grand Ultimate Silk Pyjama

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    Jimbo Guest
    I've seen it. It was filmed in Taiwan in 1979 and IMO is one of Leung Ka Yan (Liang Jia-Ren)'s better performances in the final fight. The rest of the movie is typical of the period...kung fu comedy influenced by Jackie Chan's Drunken Master and Snake in the Eagle's Shadow.

    The arch-villain is the same guy that played a Mainland Chinese refugee killed by Jet Li in Lethal Weapon 4. He plays an Eagle Claw master in Thundering Mantis.

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    jun_erh Guest
    ever see Eagle Claw? It's eagle vs mantis. cool little movie. beautiful robes

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    CrushingFist Guest

    where can i buy those movies?

    where can i buy the thundering mantis and the eagle claw movie? i can't find them on any websites!

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    Jimbo Guest
    If you have a Suncoast Video near you, they usually sell a bunch of these kung fu movies on video and DVD. Most of them are around $9.99 or $10.99 for videos.

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    jun_erh Guest
    I wasn't that into T. Mantis, but eagle's claw is really choice! I happen to live near a huge video store so I can check stuff like that out. There are a couple of other Mantis movies like "Mantis vs Falcon Claws" (?) and "Mantis Combat" but I haven't checked them out yet. the quality of old school martial arts movies varies so greatly that I always rent them before buying them, particularly the more obscure ones. :D

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    jun_erh Guest

    quote from Eagle's Claw

    guy with awesome robe "It will be incredibly easy for me to defeat all of you!" ;)

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    Drunken1 Guest
    Great film, Kinda depressing though, The mantis Fighters, seem to all get their cans kicked, until leung Kar Yan Flips his wig at the end! Talk about a look of hopelessness in your eyes! The Eagle Claw fighter has unloaded everything in his arsenal and This F-ing Crazy nutso mantis fighter is foaming at the mouth and ripping him and his crew apart. Good Stuff. Definitely will make one think twice about fighting someone who is mentally unstable.

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    MartialKnight Guest
    Leung Kar Yan was beating the Eagle Claw/Fist in the fight before he and the kid got captured. But got captured because the kid interferred and got beaten up.

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    RAYNYSC Guest
    Hey MK if you like Thundering Mantis here are a couple of other good movies that you should give a look at:

    Shaolin Mantis
    7 Commandments Of Kung-Fu
    Eagles Claw
    Warriors 2
    Sleeping Fists
    Dance Of a Drunk Mantis

    I believe that Liang Jia Ren used Northern Mantis.


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    MartialKnight Guest
    I have Eagle's Claw. And, I was going to get Sleeping Fist with Leung Kar Yan, but got Fearless Dragon with him in it instead. Fearless Dragon I recommend just for the last fight alone. It is incredibly fast, and all 3 of the fighters in this scene use their own signature secret styles. Most of the rest of the movie is a silly comedy (A big guy that looks like that guy in those James Bond movies eating and biting people), but for a few of the biggening fights, and the last fight I recommend it.

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    RAYNYSC Guest
    Fearless Dragon was a good movie! The last fight scene alone was worth it's addmission back in the day!.... :D

    Another good movie with a great ending fight scene
    is Tiger over the wall ( Northern Mantis vs Northern Eagle Claw )check it out when you get the chance if you haven't already.I'm sure you'll get a kick out of Philp Ko,Using the Northern Mantis if you liked him using the Horse style in Fearless Dragon.


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