If you are looking for a Tai Chi school in China that teaches traditional Chinese martial arts , the Taizu Kung Fu School completes your search. Taizu Kung fu School offers high-quality training with masters, we specialize in training martial arts to non-Chinese speaking students. Our masters speak English, Provides availability, prices and pictures so you can quickly and easily .

Why learn Tai Chi in China?

Although Tai Chi is now practiced world wide, China remains its heart. It is in China that you will find the most skilled Tai Chi masters, and those most grounded in its theory and philosophy. By learning Tai Chi in China, you will not only be “drinking at the source”, you will have the opportunity to discover the beauty and fascination of a thousands-year old culture and people. Our school is situated in the heart of one of China’s most spectacularly beautiful regions, Taizu Kung fu School, located in Handan City ( Birthplace of Tai chi <Yang style Tai Chi Quan and Wu style Tai chi quan>,China ancient capital,Cultural city ,Martial arts village ) , an environmentally protected mountain of natural beauty and cultural importance. Tai Chi is definitely part of the life in Handan.

Why practice Tai Chi?
Tai Chi has the greatest longevity of all the Chinese martial arts. Fighting techniques like Kung Fu aim to develop the body’s external power for attack. Tai Chi on the contrary seeks to develop the body’s internal power, balance, and resilience. Consequently, Tai Chi can be practiced at any age and is recognized for its value in developing and maintaining overall physical health. At the same time, the graceful and aesthetic quality of Tai Chi movements are mentally pleasing, enhancing self-awareness and promoting a better integration of mind and body.

Imagine a holiday where you replace the hustle and bustle of everyday life with nature and tranquility. A holiday where you exercise most days, explore an ancient culture and relax so properly that you actually come home rested, recovered, fitter and healthier. Tai Chi Retreat china