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Thread: Taiji Telling The Feet By The Hands EMJ

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    Taiji Telling The Feet By The Hands EMJ

    Taijiquan and Taijijian might have the legs synchronized with the arms:[-EMJ]

    Making the Ball, the transition pulling-in the bottom arm is bringing-in the same-side leg.-Ernie Moore Jr.

    Four Corners the Empty Step (behind-dragged) is the same side as the Slight Shove--not a full Push as the arm keeps very close to the locked-frame but is moved only by its attachment to the torso as the hips shifted by the legs, shift to transition the body.-Ernie Moore Jr.

    Dragon Steps have a thrusting or Hands-like-Spit[-EMJ]

    When the hands exchange position high for low-low for high is a Weighted Step-False Step Stance

    Can you see synchronization between arm moves and legs moves or positions as part of the design of doing a Taiji...-Ernie Moore Jr.

    Doing 48 mixed, I realized Snake Creeps Down is a move in Baguazhang and Lady Plays The Shuttle is a shifting move of Bagua's Original~ Single Palm Change -Ernie Moore Jr.

    Fist or Palm in a locked frame being moved by the mass of the body behind it--moving together with but not independently seems Hsing-I

    So Baguazhang has Hsing-I from the friendship of the two gentleman masters once-upon a moment perhaps. And Taijiquan has both Hsing-I and Bagua...The techniques are results of expressing principles--High-Low, Shift Weight, Balance, Bounce, Exchange, Push-Pull...-Ernie Moore Jr.

    Grasp the Principle, as one might a Swallow's tail-although fleeting, Attainable. Practice. Adapt. Adopt. Practice again with newest learned understandings. Evolve. Breathe. Repeat.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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