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    Iko Uwais

    Iko needs his own thread. Perhaps someday we'll link up all his previous threads here too.

    Tinwarotul Fatonah | Rosiana ChozanahKamis, 01 Juli 2021 | 18:30 WIB
    Iko Uwais Positif Covid-19, Sedang dalam Pengawasan Ketat Oleh Dokter

    Iko Uwais dan Audy Item [Instagram] - Aktor kenamaan Iko Uwais mengabarkan bahwa ia terinfeksi virus corona Covid-19. Ternyata suami Audy Item tersebut sudah sudah terkonfirmasi sejak minggu lalu.

    Namun, lelaki 38 tahun tersebut baru mengalami gejala beberapa hari ini.

    "Dear teman-teman dan keluarga. Aku ingin menginformasikan bahwa pekan lalu aku positif Covid-19 dan sekarang sudah menunjukkan beberapa gejala," tulis Iko Uwais dalam bahasa Inggris di akun Instagram, Kamis (1/7/2021).

    Iko mengatakan bahwa saat ini ia sedang beristirahat dengan pengawasan ketat oleh dokter dan berkonsentrasi untuk mendapatkan kekuatannya serta fokus pada pemulihan.

    "Tidak ada yang membuat masa pemulihanku terasa menggembirakan selain dukungan dari teman dan sanak keluarga semua," sambungnya.

    Pada akhir kata Iko mengingatkan untuk tetap menjaga kesehatan dan keamanan.

    Iko Uwais positif Covid-19 (Instagram)
    Pengumuman tersebut membuat beberapa sahabat sang aktor ikut mendoakan kesembuhannya.

    "Semoga lekas sembuh Dek," tutur Joe Taslim.

    "Bismillah sehat kuat semangat sayang. Love you @ikouwais," komentar sang istri.

    "Kata Allah Iko harus rehat bentar. Cepet sembuh bro Iko! Selalu memantau karya-karyanya ke depan. Bangga," imbuh Baim Wong.
    Iko Uwais Positive for Covid-19, Is Under Strict Monitoring By Doctors
    Tinwarotul Fatonah | Rosiana ChozanahThursday, 01 July 2021 | 18:30 WIB
    Iko Uwais Positive for Covid-19, Is Under Strict Monitoring By Doctors
    Iko Uwais and Audy Item [Instagram] - The famous actor Iko Uwais reported that he was infected with the Covid-19 corona virus. It turns out that Audy Item's husband has been confirmed since last week.

    However, the 38-year-old man had only been experiencing symptoms for a few days.

    "Dear friends and family. I want to inform you that last week I was positive for Covid-19 and now I have shown some symptoms," wrote Iko Uwais in English on his Instagram account, Thursday (1/7/2021).

    Iko said that he is currently resting under close supervision by doctors and is concentrating on gaining his strength and focusing on recovery.

    "Nothing has made my recovery happier than the support from all of my friends and family," he continued.

    At the end, Iko reminded to maintain health and safety.

    The announcement made several of the actor's friends join in praying for his recovery.

    "I hope you get well soon, Dek," said Joe Taslim.

    "Bismillah, healthy, strong, dear, love you @ikouwais," commented the wife.

    "God said Iko should rest for a while. Get well soon bro Iko! Always monitor his future works. Proud," added Baim Wong.
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    aw man...

    Iko Uwais fights back against assault allegation
    Indonesian action star Iko Uwais stars as Kai Jin in the new Netflix series ‘Wu Assassins’. Screenshot from Youtube/Netflix

    By Coconuts Jakarta
    Jun 14, 2022 | 12:01pm Jakarta time

    Martial arts star Iko Uwais is fighting back against accusations of assault, claiming that he was defending himself from the alleged victim.

    Iko held a press conference in South Jakarta yesterday evening, offering his side of the story. Previously, his neighbor and interior designer, Rudi, said he was beaten up by the Hollywood action star when he pressed Iko about an alleged unpaid bill.

    In the press conference, Iko accused Rudi of flipping the narrative, saying that he has actually paid for Rudi’s services in full but claims that the interior designer had not completed the project at his new home in Cibubur.

    “The conflict arose from when my client tried to locate Rudi’s whereabouts, because he had not carried out what he was obligated to do per the agreement,” Iko’s lawyer, Leonardus Sagala, said.

    On Saturday, Leonardus said Rudi and his wife met with Iko and his wife, singer Audy Item, outside of the latter’s Bekasi home.

    “During that argument, the one who actually did the provocation were Rudi and his wife,” the lawyer said.

    He added that Iko was protecting himself and his brother Firmansyah — who was also present during the incident — from Rudi’s attack.

    “If the intention was to assault or gang up [on Rudi], they would’ve pummeled him when he was down. But no, they let him be. Because [Iko’s] intention was not to assault to injure,” Leonardus said, adding that Iko suffered some bruising throughout his body from Rudi’s attack.

    Iko and his legal team has filed a complaint for defamation against Rudi, which would hinge on them presenting evidence that the The Raid star was only defending himself.

    Police are questioning all parties involved and have yet to announce charges.

    Rudi previously claimed that Iko and Firmansyah assaulted him first after he demanded Iko complete his payment for his interior design services.
    Bummer. Hope they get it sorted.
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