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Thread: A Tiger's Tale by Patrick Lugo

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    This Week's Wuxia Reveal!

    This Week's Wuxia Warrior is non other than our own David Jamieson!
    Have a look at this glimpse of the illustration in process then click over to see the finished piece.
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    Wuxia Warrior 5 Revealed

    We have another die hard coming in to help round our this series of illustrations.
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    Each Wuxia Warriors seeks to capture the spirit of their subject, their Qi; that effort demands more than reference photos. Each subject was surveyed with questions that would define their character and you can now read them and perhaps recognize who this latest hero may be.
    Do You Practice A Specific Kung Fu Style You’d Like Me To Use?
    Answer: Eagle Claw
    What is Your Weapon Of Choice?
    Answer: The Da Dao
    What’s Your Favorite Kung Fu Movie?
    Answer: Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow

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    Wuxia Warrior 6 of 6

    Our final warrior provided the mighty challenge of being drawn only from the survey questions that would help define the character.
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    Original Art on Display

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    The 2022 Make More Comics Art Grant recipient A Tiger’s Tale volume 1. will be featured in the 32nd Annual Children’s Book Illustrator Exhibit at the Sun Gallery, in Hayward California from August 26 – October 15, 2022. Front and center, I’m told.

    There will be a Reception and Book Signing for the Artists on Saturday, September. 10th 2022 from 1:00pm – 4:00pm
    PLUGO (formerly Design Sifu) author, illustrator, comic creator:@PLUGO on Twitter | @PLUGOarts on Instagram - but all the good stuff is on

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    Speed Paint: Lam Sai Wing

    I'll be personally delivering this original art to the KungFuMagazine headquarters later today.

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    A Tiger's Tale: Gallery Appearance

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    A Tiger's Tale volume 1 was featured at the 32nd Annual Children's Book Illustrator Exhibition at the SUn Gallery in Hayward California. An Artist's Reception and book signing took place just this past Saturday. It was my first in-person appearance as a creator (rather than journalist or whatever) in a number of years. In many ways I welcomed slipping back into the groove of “party-mode,” being in the right place at the right time, remembering names and faces.

    Of course, there were plenty of new names and faces. Some who I’ve been fortunate to meet over the online various online events which have become the norm. The chance to deepen those connections and even sign a few copies of A TIGER’s TALE vol. 1 was welcome and well worth celebrating.

    See some highlights below -
    PLUGO (formerly Design Sifu) author, illustrator, comic creator:@PLUGO on Twitter | @PLUGOarts on Instagram - but all the good stuff is on

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    Reader Reviews like no other!

    As evidenced by the 2022 Make More Comics grant and its reception at the Sun Gallery, A Tiger's Tale volume one continues to speak readers of all ages. We've recently added a reviews section to which remains open to all. Let me share with you a recent review written by a young reader (age 14) from overseas:

    "It is the best and most thrilling comic I have read! The colour’s go so well with the story, and draw you in from the first page, al the way to the very last one! The way it has been written, is amazing!"
    Added to that, our #TigerTuesday blog just posted the second in a series of three poetic reviews like no other. Reader/Writer C.M. Darensbourg has written three poetic meditations on characters and events depicted with-in the pages of A Tiger's Tale volume 1. These are truly inspired written works which I'm honored to present.

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    PLUGO (formerly Design Sifu) author, illustrator, comic creator:@PLUGO on Twitter | @PLUGOarts on Instagram - but all the good stuff is on

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