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Thread: A Tiger's Tale by Patrick Lugo

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    Your forum fu is slippin Design Sifu...

    Quote Originally Posted by Design Sifu View Post
    Remember Anthony Kelly, Guinness World Record holder for such thing as catching arrows, catching them blindfolded and over 50 more.
    He was featured in the October 2010 issue of KUNG FU TAI CHI. He joined me on the latest episode of TIGER TALK
    Tiger Talk 2 with Guinness Book of world record holder Anthony Kelly
    Post this here too: Anthony-Kelly-Martial-Arts-World-Record-Breaker
    Gene Ching
    Author of Shaolin Trips
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    Gene Ching RETURNS!

    It's Wuxia Wednesday! (at least in my world) and our Gene Ching joined me for another bit of TIGER TALK. This time we examine Kung Fu Lyrics (Quan Pu 拳譜). Those iconic martial lyrics used in traditional martial arts as well as Wuxia (武俠). He elaborates on the challenges of his unique work for wuxia comics publisher Immortal Studios and his stance on Martial Poetry in the pages of KUNG FU TAI CHI.

    Also received a great little congratulatory message from one of our own...
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    Which is, honestly, some food for the soul while I'm virtually throwing messages in bottles in every direction.

    However, the icing on the cake is recognizing the name of backer 55, who you'd recognize as he's a KUNG FU TAI CHI cover master!

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    My Forum Fu is all EFFed UP!

    Mulitple browser windows with multiple tabs do not make for an efficient work-flow.

    Some video updates!
    On the Next TIGER TALK: Master Robin Leong
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    Also did some live coloring for anyone who wants to see Tamo in color!

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    Good to still have you in the mix, DS

    Quote Originally Posted by Design Sifu View Post
    My Forum Fu is all EFFed UP!
    We're trying to get your Forum Fu back up to snuff. Post Robin here too: November-December-2017. Like with Anthony (to remind you - Anthony-Kelly-Martial-Arts-World-Record-Breaker) those subforums have longer ttt longevity. This Martial Media one is the most active because here is where all the fresh news coagulates.
    Gene Ching
    Author of Shaolin Trips
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    Year of the Tiger with Robin Leong

    As part of the continuing celebration of the Lunar New Year of the Tiger I had a very special guest on TIGER TALK; Master Robin Leong. The Actor / Author joined me to discuss the personal importance of the Year of the Tiger. His life long journey devoted to bringing his legendary father's martial arts traditions to a new generation, Bruce Lee, Seattle, his father John Leong and filming at Shaolin Temple.

    Learn more at

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    Our Big $5000 Stretch Goal UNLOCKED

    I just hit send on my order for this metallic sticker!
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    Every backer who'll received a physical package from me will also get one of these!

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    Our Crazy 88 stretch goal

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    we're already at 81 backers!

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    It's been 5 weeks since A Tiger's Tale was funded.

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    It's been 5 weeks since the A Tiger's Tale kickstarter campaign surpassed its funding goal.
    I thought I'd share the first 10 pages as a free preview. CLICK HERE to read it.

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    Updates: Week 12 #Tigertuesday

    It's now been 12 weeks since the successful close of the campaign. Some updates.
    • Our backers participated in a lively cover selection process which resulted in an impressive looking cover.
    • Preview Pages have been added to (check 'em out)
    • The physical book have been sent to press.
    • There's more news on the horizon

    In the mean-time I wanted to spotlight the comic creating of a young an inspired martial artist. Read INTERGALACTIC TOURNAMENT todayís special comic by guest creator Bea Hernandez!

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    ATiger's Tale vol. 1 Unboxed!

    Iíd planned something special for this #tigertuesday (the lucky 13th week since our campaignís close and the last day of May) but I didnít think it would be this delightful bit of unboxing. Supervised by The Milo!

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    A Tiger's Tale: selected for the 2022 MMC Grant

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    June 1st, 2022
    Contact: Will Hoffknecht

    2022 Make More Comics Grant Announcement

    PATTERSON, California - The Make More Comics Arts Grant is proud to announce the winner of the 2nd Annual MMC Grant. Out of all the qualified submission packets we received the judging panel has chosen Patrick Lugo and his continuing comics project A Tigerís Tale, Vol. 1 as our 2022 award recipient.

    A Tigerís Tale, Vol. 1 is an epic kung fu fable in the grand tradition of A Journey to the West, Usagi Yojimbo, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. The story focuses on Kan, a boy who only ever wanted to live in his forest as a tiger should. When his mother adopted two human foundlings, his jealousy cost him his home. Exiled, Kan blames humans for his troubles but learns that he must help his brothers protect humanity from an invasion of creatures from the realm of myth: monsters, deities, and dragons.

    ĒI learned to read English sitting on my fatherís lap as he read to me from the comics I had borrowed from my older brothers. Those formative experiences crafted a life-long passion for a medium which continues to open unexpected doors. Itís because of this that I seek to express my heartfelt gratitude to 100% Comics and the MMC Arts Grant Committeeís esteemed members for, not just the investment represented by the 2022 MMC Art Grant, but the acknowledgement of an inspiration Iíve held for years; that there is a readership awaiting what can be found in the pages of A Tigerís Tale, Vol. 1.Ē
    For more information on Patrick Lugo, you contact him and purchase his work at

    The Make More Comics Arts Grant was founded in 2020 by Will Hoffknecht of Patterson, California with the goal of providing direct cash payments to support new and creative works in small press comic creation. The 2022 award is the second award granted and news about the 2023 grant will be announced later this year. For more information visit

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    Cool TIGER TALK is back!

    I recently interviewed the legendary comic artist Geof Darrow, mastermind behind the extraordinary comic book: The Shaolin Cowboy and concept artist behind such films as The Matrix. Our zoom conversation ran way longer than expected and made the perfect reason to revive my February TIGER TALK interview series.

    Part 1 of our formal interview appears on tomorrow June 22, 2022: there, we discussed THE MATRIX, Jet Li, and pioneering martial arts themed comic books. But over the course of that interview we also had some informal conversations about early influences, favorite Kung Fu movies as well as some real-life martial arts heroes (and villains?)...

    Check it out

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    TIGER TALK with Geof Darrow: talking concept art, Ridley Scott and Tsui Hark!

    In part two of our free-wheeling conversation with Eisner Award winning Comic Artist/Concept Artist Geof Darrow we discuss illustration and work with movie directors. Geof highlights some the pros and cons of his illustration work still done 100% on paper. Early experiences working with Moebius and film directors like Ridley Scott and Tsui Hark.

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    Wuxia Warrior Works in progress!

    Six backers of have been transformed into Wuxia Heroes. A print of their transformed selves will be included with their copy of A TIGERís TALE volume 1. This Wednesday weíll celebrate the first of them with an exclusive reveal of the finished piece as well as some behind the scenes extras. Be sure to subscribe if you want to see the finished piece! until then, you can check out some images of those works in progress.

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    Wuxia Warrior #1

    Our campaign offered a special backer tier for six intrepid backers willing to become the Wuxia hero they were destined to become!

    Using photo reference of their likeness was only the beginning. I reached out to each of them directly to learn what style of martial art and maybe preferred weapon their Wuxia character will specialize it. Utilizing decades of experience directing photo-shoots with some of the most renowned Kung Fu Masters in the world insured the perfect Kung Fu stance!

    They each received a one of a kind full color print suitable for framing along with their signed copy of the graphic novel.
    Wuxia Warrior #1

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    Founder/composer of Black Earth Shakuhachi School and the Dark Mountain Woodwind Academy. Wood Prophet and root philosopher Cornelius Boots has performed at international festivals and up-close for goats with big horns. Professionally active since 1989, heís won awards and created deep catalogues of fresh new repertoire for both bass clarinet and shakuhachi.

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