Fights involving men against women are 'intentionally scandalous,' MMA authority says
Alan Dawson Nov 2, 2021, 5:12 AM

Ula Siakacz and Piotr Lisowski fought an inter-sex MMA match in Poland. Photo by MMA-VIP.
A male vs. female fight in Poland took the internet by storm last week.
The male fighter landed multiple head shots on the female, finishing the fight in the second round.
The IMMAF, a governing body for the sport, opposed contests that are "intentionally scandalous."

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) has been forced to issue a strongly-worded statement that opposes inter-sex fights after a low-level matchup featuring a man fighting a woman took the internet by storm last week.

The match, which took place in Poland, was organized by MMA-VIP and paired a fitness instructor and arm wrestler Ula Siekacz against a beauty brand ambassador Piotr Lisowski.

The male fighter, Lisowski, landed multiple shots on Siakacz's head before securing mount position and finishing the bout in the second round.

The IMMAF, which is an international governing body for the sport, sent a statement to Insider regarding the controversy such a fight created.

"Media coverage has brought our attention to an inter-sex MMA bout that took place in Poland over the weekend," IMMAF CEO Densign White said.

"Although neither the promoter nor competitors have any association with IMMAF, as the international governing body for amateur mixed martial arts, I feel it is important that I state our position.

"IMMAF categorically disagrees with this intentionally scandalous, form of entertainment, which does not represent the sport of MMA or its values and puts women at risk."

White finished: "It is unacceptable that women and men should compete against each other in combat sports, essentially for reasons of safety but also fair play, and we in no way endorse this."

Poland has a legitimate combat sport promotion called KSW MMA, which has organized fights involving notable combatants like the former UFC champion Jan Blachowicz, the light heavyweight title challenger Alexander Gustafsson, and the former strongman ruler Mariusz Pudzianowski.

However, the country also has a history for organizing novelty, or "intentionally scandalous" matches, designed to generate media attention and outrage.

Earlier this year, bodies were strewn across the canvas when all hell broke loose in a three vs. three women's MMA fight.

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