The Combat Sport of Pillow Fighting

John Farrier ē 20 hours ago

This isnít some childrenís game. These arenít friends killing time at a slumber party. These fighters are playing for keeps. They want to win. Thatís why you can expect the upcoming Pillow Fight Championship pay-per-view event in January to be intense.

Steve Williams, the CEO and founder of the PFC organization, tells Reuters that most of his competitors come from combat sports and will act accordingly. They are using specialized pillows that wonít hurt their opponents, but nonetheless will be swung with skill and ferocity.

Embedded below is a video of one such fight. The action starts at the 0:41 mark.

I don't know the rules of PFC, but I could see how it could work with a point sparring system.

-via Dave Barry | Photo: Fight PFC
Does this need its own Pillow Fight Championship thread off the Almost got into a pillow fight tonight one?

Yes! I believe it does.