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Thread: World Conference on Integrated Medicine

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    World Conference on Integrated Medicine

    The Fifth World Conference on Integrated Medicine Was Successfully Held with Global Participation
    ByGetNewsPublishedDecember 28, 2021
    Celebration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) being included in the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Global Medical Compendium for the first time.

    The Fifth World Conference on Integrated Medicine and Celebration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) being included in the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Global Medical Compendium for the first time was successfully held at the headquarters of the World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies in Silicon Valley, the International Medical University in the United States and online from December 17 to 20, 2021.

    The complete success of this conference can be summed up in one sentence: “High-dimensional integration of ALL integrated medicines from around the world!”

    Dr. Wang Yingqiu, Chairman of the World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies, said:

    The theme of this conference was “Integrate Medicines from around the world for the benefit of global health.” The aim of the conference was to promote the entry of traditional Chinese medicine into mainstream medicine, and enhance the multi dimensions of human medicine and public health, research the root of the public health theories and apply technology in global public health. The conference’s main goal is also to promote and implement the concept of high-dimensional medicine and public health knowledge in 269 countries and regions around the world.

    The first major feature of the conference was: the elevation from three-dimensional to high-dimensional medicine; the second major feature: the integration of the medical research with public health care, and the shift from treatment-centered medical care to prevention-centered; and the third feature: integration of ALL major medical systems including Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine, Quantum Biomedicine, etc…for the benefits of the global public health; seek the roots and re-focus on the three vital elements of the classic Chinese medicine “I Ching”, namely: Toning, reducing and tonic. Clinical research and experiments have proven that these three elements are simple, easy and efficient to improve human health, which can open a new era of high-dimensional life science medicine!

    After the Fourth World Integrative Medicine Conference which was held in 2019, the conference organizers received overwhelming responses from around the world; it has been two years since the third conference. As the world faces the challenges and sufferings from the coronavirus pandemic from early 2020, the world is changing rapidly. We are committed to pushing integrated medicine to a new height, so that more people around the world can be on the path of good health. The World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies also organized the 2020 World Integrative Anti-epidemic Forum, and health lectures and forums of all sizes. As we are about to usher in 2022, the Fifth World Conference on Integrated Medicine was successfully held before the end of the year.

    This conference has a strong lineup and was hosted and supported by the World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies; Tao Yiqing, American International Medical University, Fang Bangjiang, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Critical Care Committee, Zhu Miansheng, European Federation of Chinese Medicine Experts, and Zheng Jianhua, Australian Society of Chinese Medicine, Wang Jian, New Guo Lin Qigong, Huang Guojian, Canadian Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Alliance, Wang Yingqiu, Nuclear Universe Health Alliance, Li Ronggang, Canadian House of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Huang Zhengming, United Nations International Academy of Ecological Life Safety Sciences, Fu Xueli, American Military Medical Research Institute, Mr. Bill Douglas, World Tai Chi Day founding organization. The representatives from 16 international organizations, including Zhu Zhenggao of the Chinese Medical Education Association, Dr. Effie Chow from the East West Academy of Healing Arts, Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, President of the Akamai University, Rose Hong from Global Dragon TV, Global Healing Alliance, the World Forum on Traditional Medicine, the American Association of Chinese Medicine, and nearly 80 international organizations from all over the world as co-organizers.

    The conference also received strong support from the Gold Sponsor Nantong Mi Sleep Fang Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd., the Silver Sponsor Zhongke Quantum Technology (Yiwu) Co., Ltd., Yifang Pharmaceutical, CAI Pharmaceuticals and other businesses.

    Dr. Jack Fu, Executive Chairman of the World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies, said:

    Four academicians Dr. Huang Zhengming, Dr. Wang Qiaohua, Dr. Wei Kun and Mr. Wu Jihua participated this conference, and four masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine including Dr. Wei Guikang, Dr. Li Diangui, Dr. Sun Guangrong, and Dr. Shi Xuemin; Academician Zhang Boli and the United Nations Chinese Ambassador also delivered speeches; Asia Pacific Academy of Sciences and 53 academicians from more than 20 countries around the world also sent their congratulations to support the conference.

    Conference Secretary-General Yolanda Zhang and Executive Secretary-General Bai Xue said:

    The conference also invited well-known experts in the integration of Chinese and Western medicine: Su Huachang, Wang Jingping, Tian Haihe, Gao Lian, Cui Xinzhi, Zhang Caifang, Hu Meiying, Lin Yongfei, Wang Qiaohua, Hao Jishun, Chen Yemeng, Zhang Haisheng, Duan Jing, Li Shudong, Weng Qixiu, Huang Snow, Dr. Effie Chow, Jian Qi, Zhang Lili, Zhao Guangwei and other physicians and professors served as co-chairs of the conference.

    Professor Lu Biao, Chairman of the Expert Committee of the Conference, said:

    The conference invited famous experts in integrated medicine from all over the world, Jiao Shunfa, Song Zhenzhi, Bo Zhiyun, Liu Feng, Cheng Xiaoming, Wang Hongcai, Guo Tingying, Qian Dejin, Li Ye, Li Changjun, Wang Yongzhou, Li Jianmin, Yan Chongwen, Zhang Jun, Rita Zhao, Yang Changjun, Fang Yunhua, Physicians such as Zhang Haisheng, Lei Dabin, Ren Liping, Wang Jun, Liu Jianghua; Western physicians such as Larger, Mei Heyong and other physicians; Spine ED Wagner and other physicians; Naturopathic physicians such as David, Liu Hongmei, Zhang Jianchao, etc.; Physiotherapy physicians such as Jasse and other clinical masters. There are also Tai Chi Qigong masters such as Li Deyin, Liang Shouyu, Xiao Jiaze, Zhao Youbin, Fu Qingquan, Zhong Zhenshan, Zhu Miansheng, Yu Jiansheng, Zhao Tingming, Zhao Liying, Li Hui, Ye Zhiwei, Weng Qixiu, Li Shudong, Fu Xueli, Liang Hao, Liu Suibin, etc., participated in the conference Speech; and more than one hundred experts submitted papers to the conference.

    Professor Jiang Dan, Chairman of the Academic Committee of the conference, said:

    The conference established various medical innovation professional committees. Professor Li Yujin has established the “Space Medicine Committee”, Professor Li Chuncai has established the “Intelligent Medical Etiology Investigation Committee”, and the “Ten Difficult and Complicated Diseases Overcoming Committee” has been established, such as: “Cancer Conquer Academic Committee”, “Cervical Spondylopathy Academic Committee”, etc.
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    Continued from previous post

    The conference was divided into five forums:

    1. Celebrate that starting from 2022, Chinese medicine has been designated by the WHO as the “Mainstream Medical Forum” (“Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Forum”);

    2. Celebrating the “Tai Chi Success Anniversary Forum” (“Tai Chi Qigong Forum”);

    3. “Global Integrated Medical Therapy Forum”;

    4. “Global Health and High-Dimensional Biological Health Products Forum” and “Nuclear Space-Time Medicine Forum”;

    5. “Post-doctoral and Traditional Chinese Medicine Master Heritage Forum of American International Medical University”.

    Dr. Zhang Li, the co-chairman of the Southeast Asia Leaders of the Conference, said:

    This conference encourages and promotes the integration of medicine “from treatment as the center to prevention as the center”, so that everyone can learn how to maintain good health, every family has a healthcare plan, so the whole society is healthy!

    Duan Jing, co-chairman of the conference, said:

    The General Assembly has established the World Integrated Medicine branches and offices in countries and regions around the world. Recently, Dr. Wang Shoubin has obtained the approval of the headquarters to establish the Shenyang Branch in China; 26 new countries and regions have also established branches; such as Dr. Rita Zhao in Croatian; Dr. Wengang Li in Austria, and Dr. Yangning Liu is the secretary-general of the ASEAN branch. The branches and representative offices of various countries are also actively preparing to expand.

    Professor Zhu Miansheng, the co-chair of the conference, said:

    This conference officially announced to the world that the first Saturday of September each year is named as “World Integrative Medicine (Big Health) Day”.

    Professor Zhu Zhenggao, the co-chair of the conference, said:

    We will continue to promote the development of integrated medicine and hold regular conferences and lectures; the World Federation of Chinese Medicine is also preparing for the “World Integrated Medicine Standards Committee” as its subcommittee; in order to continuously improve the integration of medical science and clinical medical technology, the World Association of Integrated Medicine The founding school of the Federation, the American International Medical University, has successfully established the “Postdoctoral Graduate School and the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine Masters” under the leadership of Dr. Zhang Haisheng. One of the successes of the four-day conference of the Fifth World Integrative Medicine Conference was to officially unveiled the historic prelude to the unity of the human body and the universe, the principle of nature, man and the universe! The conference extends gratitude and appreciation for ALL the doctors, experts, scholars, physicians, and professors from the world who attended this historic conference integrating Eastern and Western medicine, and working together to utilize this conference platform to improve the future of medicine and to support better health for people around the world!

    Professor Zheng Jianhua, the co-chair of the conference, also stated that:

    The famous doctors from all over the world gathered at the conference sharing and exchanging valuable research and treatment ideas online for a total of four days. Their enthusiastic participation and discussions of five forums were the key to the success of the conference! One of the online panel discussions was on the topic of tinnitus and deafness treatment, which generated so much interest and discussions from the participants that it lasted three times longer than the original planned duration. The conference was fortunate to be attended by so many honorary advisors such as Dr. Li Jingxin from the United States and Malaysia, Dr. Li Ye, Professor Zhang Ying from China, and Vice Chairman Lu Shengchun.

    The Post-Conference Network Conference will be held on Wednesday, December 29th, at 8 pm US Pacific time (12am in China). The conference organizers, Dr. Wang Yingqiu Founding Principal from International Medical University, Jack Fu Lifetime Executive Chairman, Liaison of the World Conference on Integrated Medicine will issue certificates to the newly appointed leaders of the national societies, and invite Peng Zengfu and other top speakers to have an in-depth discussion on the treatment of deafness and tinnitus. The treatment protocols and therapies contributed by any presenter will be recorded and published as part of the conference publications. The video will also be posted on the conference website, free of charge, so doctors and practitioners can use them as reference resources. If you have any unique and special treatment methods, please contact Dr. Fu Xueli to contribute.

    The conference received wide media attention from both the US and China. At present, more than 200 overseas Chinese media outlets in China and more than 10 Chinese media overseas and 546 major American media outlets have reported the conference.

    The conference plans to host and sponsor other online seminars to focus on specific conditions, such as cervical spondylosis, cancer, and other special topics; We will invite the most authoritative speakers to present these seminars. These seminars will be posted on the conference website.

    To attend the Network Conference at 8 PM (Pacific Time), on Wed., December 29th, 2021, please join via (Code: 5746952588).

    The conference will also be live on and

    Please visit the Integrated Medicine website for registration: Website or

    To access the conference videos and replays, please visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Global Dragon TV
    Contact Person: Media Department
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1-703-901-6588
    Address:10329 Democracy Lane
    City: Fairfax
    State: VA
    Country: United States
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