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Thread: Uki in Chinese?

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    Uki in Chinese?

    In Japanese jujitsu the receiver of a lock is the uki,anyone know the term for a receiver of a qin na technique in Chinese?

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    I'll just start with I am not an expert and I'm a westerner so take this with a grain of salt.

    I have 3 books in my library that cover Chin Na. Two by Dr Yang Jwing Ming and another
    Kung Fu Elements which is an assume book if you don't have it and covers a little of everything in regards to kung fu.

    Anyway my point being I don't remember the term coming up in any of them. I looked through the glossary's in all 3 books and couldn't find it or anything resembling it.

    All three books I have refer to the other as your partner or your opponent and tend to mix and match.

    I like this Wikipedia page:
    I also tried to do some basic google searching on 受け and didn't find anything really helpful.
    So I'm thinking it's not a big thing from the definition on the link and not finding anything.

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