In light of the MMA craze, traditional martial arts came under fire. Many styles got called out for not being effective at combat. Thank GOD, Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut isn't one of those styles that are not good at fighting. While it's NEVER about the style, it's ALWAYS about the person using the style. I coined the term "Kung Fu is only as good as the person using it". If the fighter is no good, that's the only problem. He doesn't know how, or hadn't properly trained his kung fu as combat fighters would have.

In one of my students very first time EVER fighting in a tournament/sanshou match, he fought 3 fights that day. He won 2 of them, and lost on his 3rd fight. While we are not trying to become Sports Fighting Champions, we did, and still do test ourselves at how well we learned our martial arts, and to discover weaknesses to fix those issues.

The following video shows my students working on a drill, then its followed by its actual usage in a Sanshou match.