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Thread: The green grass monk - a hung mun painting of cheung hung sing's master

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    The green grass monk - a hung mun painting of cheung hung sing's master

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    I, Sifu Frankie Mc, am revealing this image for the first time in all of Choy Lee Fut history of the ONLY person in all over southern China's world of martial arts to possess the name of "Ching Cho" meaning Green Grass. It comes from a painting that typically isn't readily available for public view, but this picture can now also be found on the internet when you know how to look.

    The actual source of this image, IS the Hung Mun. In fact, within the Hung Mun there are a variety of depictions of who WE know today as the Green Grass Monk. But BECAUSE of the Hung Mun, I came to know MORE about Cheung Hung Sing's teacher than many non Chinese speaking people may know today.

    The Green Grass Monk was a co-founder of the Hung Mun. The legacy of he and his 4 monk brothers still exists today through the Chinese Masonic Society, in which Hung Sing USA has been a part of for close to100 years today here in America. Their Mission to overthrow the Qing was finally achieved not only by Cheung Hung Sing's lineage, but CHOY LEE FUT in general aided in this great achievement.

    Speaking for ALL lineages of Cheung Hung Sing's Fut San Great Victory school, evidence of the Green Grass Monk and the Hung Mun is found all throughout "Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut" aka Hung Sing Fut Gar. It is OUR legacy. And, for this we should ALL be proud.

    Just as the painting of Chan Heung is NOT actually a true image of him, nor is the sculpture of Cheung Hung Sing being a true image of him, this painting is also NOT a TRUE image of what he truly looked like. But, this is the "Representation" of his identity.

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