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Thread: Arizona Smoke Shop Stabbing

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    Arizona Smoke Shop Stabbing

    am I missing a thread on this or has it not been brought up yet?

    Not going to post a link to the video until Gene weighs in as to whether it will violate the rules.
    There are edited versions of it.

    Easy to find if you youtube it.

    I'm going to go ahead and weigh in that the shop keeper was not justifiable in his use of deadly force.
    He's playing the 'fear for my life' card and maybe he was.
    But, the video shows (to me) that no physical threat was ever directed to the shop keeper.
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    Iíve seen it discussed on Bladeforums. Lots of conflicting opinions on this one.

    I saw the uncut security cam footage. I personally see at as self-defense. He probably did stab the guy a few too many times (I think 7 times). However, when the guy jumped over the counter, it happened quickly, and there was no way (IMO) that the shop owner could have known whether the guy was armed or not. Not every criminal has his weapon out and displayed openly. Itís easy to judge the situation, without the accompanying adrenaline of the moment, from the comfort of scrutinizing the video on my couch on YouTube. I can guarantee it was a lot different as it was happening from the shop ownerís POV.

    I can also accept others having an opposite point of view; but this is mine, and Iím not going to argue with anyone about it. Iíve already seen ongoing arguments about it on another forum, and arguing is a waste of time. Online arguments NEVER convince the opposite side to oneís POV, so Iíll leave it at that.

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    Thanks for asking

    Quote Originally Posted by Oso View Post
    Not going to post a link to the video until Gene weighs in as to whether it will violate the rules.
    There are edited versions of it.
    I don't see it as a violation. If forum members complain, we'll deal with it then.
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