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Thread: Book Search: White Crane Plumb Blossom Form (thin white book)

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    Book Search: White Crane Plumb Blossom Form (thin white book)

    229.? lbs last nightish

    The book was white with might be, one person with bushy hair on the cover 70's-80's photography.

    The Lion's Roar is mentioned. It seemed Plumb Blossom form because supposedly will reveal itself...

    What is a name or title I can use to try to search for a copy, or it's been long enough let's communicate about you giving-up your copy.-Ernie Moore Jr.

    Whichever. Thank you for any attention paid to this request for information of a book--White Crane white book, Plumb Blossom form.-Ernie Moore Jr.

    Note: starts off with long arms with fists reminds me of Tibetan or Lama style Hop gar sort of stuff...Thanks.-Ernie Moore Jr.

    There are four lights... impulse...all donations can be sent at to;

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    Firstly drop the B

    Plumb is as in plumber. You want plum.

    Maybe try Plum Publishing (the name is coincidental - they are the best archivists when it comes to hard-to-find martial arts books.
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    A "long" shot:

    Michael P. Staples authored two other books on the Tibetan Arts, neither of which contain the form you are looking for.

    You may also be confusing cover and content. There is a white booklet from that time period that features a Plum Blossom form and it is this one:

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