I have two questions, and I'm asking them basically because the author has stated that apparently no one except for her knows this because the source was translated wrong or something.

Ok, first question.

This book I'm using states there are 4 "modes" in Chinese Medicine but only 2 in Western Medicine. The two in Western medicine are sympathetic and parasympathetic. The book then goes on to state the are 2 more in Chinese medicine, pause and sleep.

Are these remarks accurate? I want to know this before proceeding with this material.

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Later (in a different book actually) the author makes the claim that there is a "channel" that no one knows about because something was translated wrong back in the day. She calls this "channel qi."

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The reason I'm asking is because, with a history of martial arts fascination, I know there is so much weirdness around "qi" and Chinese medicine. Everyone in the martial arts world used to basically offer some version of "no one else gets it, but we do." So when I read the above, it basically sounds like no one else gets this except for me, I'm so smart, I understand the translation! You must listen to me! But the thing is, what she's saying, and I'm on page 50 of like 400, MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

Look I don't know if any of this is right or effective, but the way she's explaining it is so aligned with what I've witnessed in my life (being stuck on pause, a father who is probably stuck on pause and now has Parkinsons) that I can't ignore it. Yet, my history with the Chinese Arts makes me so hesitant to believe this things because, you know, everyone else is wrong and we know the one true way to do it!

So is what she is saying right... at all? Was there some mistranslation? Was this stuff actually *illegal* as she states later in the book, that communist China outlawed all this stuff?

I mean this sounds like some COVID-19 style conspiracy theory. Everyone else is wrong! We are right! They don't want you to know about ivermectin. That type of nonsense.

So my questions are:

is there a secret collection of knowledge out there that apparently only she has correctly translated?

is "pause" mode a thing?

if so, can you actually get caught in pause mode and can't get out, thus resulting in illness?

Let me know if you need additional information.