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Thread: The 1928 Burning of Shaolin Temple.....

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    The 1928 Burning of Shaolin Temple.....


    The Warlord period of Mainland China has been one of consistent murkiness by Western scholars. After the Boxer Rebellion and the fall of the Qing/Ching dynasty there was constant surveillance of Chinese associations for "Boxer" activity. This was evidenced by news reported in The North China Herald. Given that Shaolin had upgraded their arsenal to include guns, could the warlord conflict that led to the burning of the Shaolin Temple been something that was quietly orchestrated by a foreign nation, seeing it as an opportunity to eliminate any potential of a national resistance with Shaolin leading the way. We know that Sun Yat Sen had foreign backing (USA). We never learn who was backing the other warlords. That Shaolin was destroyed through the use of guns and cannon fire, where did the weapons come from?

    If there was a foreign nation or foreign nations involved, Shaolin is owed reparations.

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    Perhaps, even the Japanese went to Shaolin area in 1944 and killed as many people as they could there, even hunting people that were hiding in the caves.
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