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Thread: Jonathan Majors: Something is Missing.....

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    Jonathan Majors: Something is Missing.....


    Usually, when a celebrity or anyone of note is involved in a situation like the one that JM experienced, there is that wonderful release of footage of the 911 call or the police bodycam footage. Both are absent here. Would the footage exonerate him? Where are the photos showing the alledged abuse? Or, does the woman have a kink for getting choked during intimacies in order to intensify her neuro surges?

    Additionally, there may be the possibility that the person that JM called the police on may have a mental health condition. IF the call was REALLY about requesting EMS assistance in response to that person's mental health state, the police are the first to arrive. It is that way in New York City.

    I see cancel culture already at work here. Let the truth come to light first.


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    It was interesting that within a couple of hours of my posting this thread, info started popping up in support of JM. Reports of actual footage showing the victim not at all in the shape previously reported through media. It still remains to be seen. Conversely, almost in a desperate attempt to push back on anything that would make JM appear in a good light, there were reports of women contacting the DA with their experiences. It really came across to me as a beacon for a financial payday. If JM really is that kind of monster, why wait until now? Something is still not right about this situation.

    Time will tell.


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    The tide slowly turns in favor of JM....

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    More..... in favor of JM

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    And More....

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    and still MORE... BIG TIME MORE!!!

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    D.A. Pushback....


    This is interesting.


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