It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Master Elsan Talib Hasan. He was one of the first three graduate students of Grandmaster Alan Lee of the Chinese Kung Fu Wu Su Association in New York City. He taught the Saturday morning 9 to 11 class. The Saturday classes were more of an advanced class and Hasan conducted his like one. There was an unspoken understanding that you were really putting in the work, the training, on your own. And it was there where your progress was observed and advanced, which isnít to say we were never put through the paces, because we were. Talk about good sweat! His approach to the teachings was a fluid one, very much in the way it was passed on to him. One of his specialties was Spring Leg. My interest in this set was inspired by him.

There was a time when I was going through much personal difficulty. During that time, he allowed me to rejoin his class and train. It was a debt of kindness I never had the chance to repay.

Fifteen years ago, he was taken down by a stroke. It was something he never fully recovered from.

I am most thankful for his presence in my life. And I hope he is now finding renewed enjoyment with the many things he learned.

Thank you for everything and Peace to you!

Edit: Since he was a member of the Chuck Davis Dance Company, I could not think of a better send off that would address his spirit: